Graco DiY

To finish your DIY projects in half the time and get professional results, put away your brushes and rollers and pick up a new Graco paint sprayer. For homeowners looking for a fast and easy alternative to brushes and rollers, learn how Graco paint sprayers can help you tackle your painting projects in half the time.

Do-It-Yoursef Series Do-It-Yoursef Comparison

Graco HVLP - Fine Finish

Graco's FinishPro HVLP sprayers incorporate the newest technology allowing contractors and woodworkers to achieve the highest quality finish available in the industry. The new EDGE II guns allow spraying at any angle while the adjustable Turbo Control reduces heat and allows you to match fan speed to what you require for the optimal finish. FinishPro HVLP sprayers are now available in Standard, ProContractor and ProComp models matching the features and performance to what each contractor needs across a range of projects like furniture, cabinets, door frames, and railings.

HVLP - Fine Finish HVLP - Fine Finish Comparison

Graco Professional

Professional contractors choose Graco for all their paint spraying equipment. From entry level equipment for small projects, to heavy-duty paint sprayers for large commercial applications, Graco has the highest quality and best performance equipment in the industry. High-quality, top performance equipment for jobs of any size.