Graco 390PC Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer (25T882)

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Graco 390PC Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer (25T882)


Graco 390PC Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer (25T882)

The Graco 390 PC cordless airless paint sprayer is the first and only high-performance cordless, stationary, airless paint sprayer. It has been designed to provide all the performance of a corded airless sprayer without the need for a power cord, power point, or generator.

With the Graco 390 PC stand unit you can access the areas you need to paint quickly and easily. That’s because the Graco 390 PC can be used in areas without a power supply, outside away from power outlets, and on project sites where power isn’t available. It’s a game-changer for professional and DIY painters alike. 

Turn the power off, move your stand unit into position, and spray near appliances or power points without risk, or spray hallways and corridors without the trip-hazard of long extension cords.

The Graco 390 PC has also been a popular option for farmers and those on remote work sites. Farmers have told us that the ability to apply coats of paint to field sheds, stock stands and other infrastructure in areas without power has been a real time-saver.

The 390 PC strand unit provides a maximum pressure of 3300 psi for consistently even paint application across a wide range of paints, coatings, and other materials. 

Graco and DeWalt

So how does the Graco 390 PC provide all the power and time-saving efficiency of an electric airless sprayer without the hassles of an external power supply? DeWalt, that’s how!

The DeWalt XR FlexVolt range of batteries is perfect for use with the Graco 390 PC. DeWalt's revolutionary 54V cordless power tool series provides you with unparalleled performance.

And the best part is that DeWalt’s XR FlexVolt range is compatible with a wide range of power tools including drills, saws, and sanders. That means you can charge your XR FlexVolt batteries at home, head to site, and keep going until knock-off time. No need for generators or a connected electricity supply. 

Introducing the first and only cordless high performance stationary paint sprayer. Designed to deliver all the performance of a corded 390 PC airless sprayer along with the freedom from power cords, electrical outlets or generators. Experience the power and freedom to spray every job faster.

The ONLY High performance cordless paint sprayer – up to 228 bar (3,300 psi) with 0.53 mm (0.021 inch) max tip. Sprays up to 11L (3 gallons) on a single battery charge – two batteries included for all day spraying. Expanded application capability to spray anywhere!

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      GX 21 190 PC Express 390 PC 395 PC PRO
      Warranty 1 year 1 year 3 years 3 years
      Part Numbers: 17H219 Stand 17C384 Stand 17C386
      Lo-Boy 17C387
      Hi-Boy 17C388
      Stand 17E881
      Max. Tip Size 0.021" 0.021" 0.021" 0.023"
      Max. flow - I/min (gpm) 1.8(0.47) 1.8(0.47) 1.8(0.47) 2.0(0.52)
      Max. pressure - bar (PSI) 207 (3000) 207 (3000) 227 (3300) 227 (3300)
      Weight - Kg(Ibs) 13.2Kg 14Kg Stand 17C386 - 14Kg
      Lo-Boy 17C387 - 20Kg
      Hi-Boy 17C388 - 24Kg
      Motor Power (hp) 0.87 DC 0.62 DC 0.62 DC 0.87 TEFC DC
      Frame Direct Immersion

      Hopper Suction Tube

      Ball Knocker - PushPrime Button

      Hydraulic Pressure Gauge

      ProXChange Pump System

      Pump Endurance Piston Endurance Piston Endurance Piston Endurance Piston
      Electronic Electronic SmartControl 1.0
      Tips 517 RAC X LTX 515 RAC X LTX 517 RAC X LTX 517 LP 315
      Guard RAC X - 246215 RAC X - 246215

      Gun filter (mesh) Easy Out 60 - 288749

      Gun SG3 SG3 Contractor PC Contractor PC
      Pump filter (mesh) 40 - 288747

      Hose 1/4" x 15m - 247340 Blue Max II Airless 64 mm x 15m (1/4 in x 50ft) Blue Max II Airless 64 mm x 15m (1/4 in x 50ft) Blue Max II Airless 64 mm x 15m (1/4 in x 50ft)


      Series - 390 PC Cordless

      Type - Airless Sprayer

      Max. pressure - up to 228 bar (3,300 psi)

      Max. tip size - 0.021 inch

      Max spray volume per one charge - 11 L


      43.18 cm
      50.80 cm
      45.72 cm



      May require help to carry

      Total Weight: 22.95 kg


      • Benefits You’ll Appreciate on Every Job
      • Powered by DEWALT®
      • Brushless DC Motor
      • Durable Endurance Piston Pump
      • ProConnect One-Part Pump Replacement System
      • Advantage Drive
      • Easy Out Pump Filter
      • Adjustable Pressure Control
      • Rugged Steel Frame
      • RAC X Low Pressure (LP) SwitchTip

      The best sprayer to use in remote areas, where power points are not reachable.

      Performance similar to corded Graco 390 PC.

      Ideal for exterior/interior usage as well as smaller projects.

      What's Included

      The 390 PC stand unit value pack includes everything you need to get started with your brand new cordless electric airless paint sprayer:

      Graco 390 PC steel frame stand unit

      RAC X SwitchTip (515) 

      Low Pressure RAC X LP SwitchTip (515) 

      Contractor FTx airless spray gun (with 4-finger trigger)

      BlueMax II Airless Spray Hose (15m)

      Spray guard

      DeWalt Fan-Cooled Fast Charger

      2 x DeWalt 18V XR / 54V XR FlexVolt lithium ion battery