Hello to all our PaintAccess customers and followers,

We hope that you all are doing well as we continue to do our best to give you the means to decorate your home or expand your business. The main goal of PaintAccess is to be your one-stop-online shop for home décor and, we are always looking for new channels aside from our website in order to make it easier for our customers to purchase our products which are now available via our Ebay and Amazon stores.


What is the main difference between these two platforms? Amazon is willing to fight for the customer

Amazon might be a better option for the customer as this platform makes suppliers compete for the best price. And the winner here is clear – the customer. It differentiates suppliers by the price – the cheapest option is always on top and expensive ones are pushed to the bottom, so the customers can see a competition and choose what they want. This platform makes suppliers fight for their products.

Meanwhile on Ebay customers might find an unlimited number of the same products with different suppliers and the hunt for the best price (research) is left for the customer.

If you are looking for an item and do not want to spend a lot of time on researching and just want the cheapest price – Amazon has the right tools for this.

Some examples:



So which platform do you prefer: Amazon or Ebay?


What else should you know about these platforms?

Amazon is rapidly expanding and recently started scaling its private AmazonBasics label where customers can find and buy the best-selling products of various brands…just… cheaper.

It sounds good from the customers perspective, but is it really?

We must keep in mind that Amazon along with most online marketplaces demand discounts and a cut of the margins. That means that the retailers and distributors sometimes are pushed to increase their pricing and eventually…push them to continue selling on their own platforms where customers can get exclusive offers, warranty deals, unique colours and more.

PaintAccess is always looking out for their clients and offering various discounts and offers on our website all-year-round. Shopping directly via PaintAccess ensures that you save money, better prices and no extra hidden costs. It also ensures our customers can obtain the best quality for the lowest price on the market. Our Loyal customers and traders also win by shopping via our online store as we have an attractive discount system.