The Ultra Max 1095 IronMan Series Electric Airless Sprayer is the top of its range. It provides superior performance with a powerful 2.4hp brushless motor. The Endurance Vortex MaxLife Extreme Pump provides unmatched durability to keep you on the job for longer. This blog will outline some of the main features of the 1095 Iron Man and their benefits. 

About airless sprayers 

Unlike HVLP sprayers, the airless models do not require a compressor or turbine. Airless spraying is considered the fastest and most versatile way to achieve professional-looking results. An airless sprayer is up to 10 times faster than using a brush - so that’s a lot of time saved! The fluid comes out of the tip in a solid stream which is then disrupted upon hitting the air - separating it into small droplets that form the spray pattern. 

Who should use the Graco 1095 Iron Man? 

The Graco 1095 Iron Man is ideal for those working on construction and requiring 20+ units. The Iron Man can handle any large new-build commercial or residential projects.


Main features and benefits 

Endurance Vortex MaxLife Extreme Piston Pump

The Longest Life pump featuring breakthrough Vortex Rotating Rod Technology keeps you on the job for longer. Whilst other pumps just go up and down, the Vortex pump also rotates for maximum efficiency. Graco exclusive abrasion-resistance composite delivers the most durable wear surface. The Extreme rod extends pump rod life by 3X.

SmartControl 4.0 with ProGuard Protection System

Precision Pressure Control and lowest dead band at any pressure delivers a consistent spray fan without pressure fluctuation. The ProGuard prevents electrical damage from extreme jobsite power conditions. Meanwhile, the WatchDog Pump Protection System automatically prevents pump damage if material supply is too low. You’ll never have to worry about pump damage with the Iron Man 1095’s smart design.

BlueLink Job & Sprayer Management System

The BlueLink system allows you to streamline your business. You can track every sprayer: Exact location & hourly productivity. Know job progress: On demand productivity facts and reporting from anywhere. These features allow you to maximize uptime, such as setting maintenance schedules, alerts, & completing jobsite notes.

MaxPower Motor & Precision Advantage Drive

The Iron Man 1095 features proven power and performance for all painting applications. The high-torque brushless design is backed with a Lifetime Warranty. Hardened steel gears provide extremely quiet operation to allow for maximum user comfort. 

Durable Filtration

Like the rest of the Iron Man 1095, the filtration system is incredibly durable. The Easy Out Filter allows for easy maintenance and results in less clogging. Meanwhile, the Crushproof Inlet Strainer stands up to harsh impacts to maintain even flow.

Contractor PC Spray Gun

The Contractor PC Spray Gun is the lightest in its class. It provides all-day comfort and control, keeping you on the job for longer. It also features up to 50% lighter trigger pull force and E-Z Fit adjustable trigger length.

Quicker pump replacement and cleaning 

No one wants to spend valuable time replacing pumps when they could be spraying! The ProConnect 2 Pump Replacement system eliminates costly downtime and allows you to exchange the pump in just a matter of minutes. The pin-less design means that pump replacement is easy and requires no tools. 


Reinforced rubber tires 

The reinforced rubber design inside of the tires means that you don’t have to inflate your tires. The tires also have additional plastic reinforcement in the middle to increase durability and protect them from being punctured. 

How durable is the Graco Iron Man 1095?

The Graco Iron Man 1095 is designed to be as durable as possible. The daily demands of spraying and tough jobsite conditions are no match for the Iron Man. Its tough tires cannot be punctured by nails, screws, or any sharp debris, so you’ll never have to worry about flat tires again! The Vortex MaxLife Extreme Piston Pump provides the longest life in its range, with oversized passages to allow for even wear. It also allows for 6x more gallons to be sprayed between repacks. You can repack the pump in minutes with QuikPak cartridge repair system.

Compatible materials 

One of the many benefits of the Graco Iron Man 1095 is that is compatible with a wide range of materials. These materials include:

  • Interior latex
  • Exterior latex
  • Oil-based primer
  • Acrylics
  • Block filler
  • Dry fall
  • Elastomerics 

How to release the pump 

If you need to remove the pump, the process is simple, as demonstrated in our video. Simply unclick the latch, pull it to the right and unscrew your hose and remove it from the pump. The last step is to remove the plate from the front, and then the pump is released. 

Iron Man 1095 accessories 

Bluemax Airless Hose

  • Lighter Weight
    • Over 10% lighter weight and increased hose flexibility improves under pressure
  • Highest Safety Standards
    • Conductive core meets the highest worldwide safety standards unlike competitive ground wire hose designs
  • Minimal Hose Coil Memory
    • BlueMax II Hose has superior flexibility and reduced coil memory providing ease of use during coiling and uncoiling
  • Corrosion Resistant
    • Plated spring guards are more corrosion resistant

Contractor PC Airless Spray Gun

  • Lightest weight gun in its class
  • Up to 50% lighter trigger pull force
  • E-Z Fit adjustable trigger length 
  • Complete gun rebuild in seconds with ProConnect 

  • Delivers the most comfortable and lightest-weight spray experience ever
  • Lightest trigger pull force at all spray pressures
  • Lightest trigger hold force at all spray pressures
  • Needle and all wear parts in one simple part
  • Simply replace cartridge — it's like getting a brand new gun

Endurance Vortex MaxLife Extreme Piston Pump

  • Extreme rod extends pump rod life by 3X
  • Oversized passages for high velocity flow to rotate piston for even wear
  • 6X more gallons sprayed between repacks
  • Repack pump in minutes with QuikPak cartridge repair system

Graco Iron Man 1095 Warranty

Although the 1095 Iron Man is built to be durable and tough, you still want to be assured that you’re covered in case of something going wrong. A warranty is a promise from the supplier or manufacturer encompassing what they will do if something goes wrong with a product or service. Under the Australian Consumer Law, these are called “warranties against defects”. Warranty helps you as the customer to rest assured that you’ll be covered in the case that something goes wrong with your Graco sprayer. Although it’s likely that you won’t have to use it - Grace’s warranty gives you peace of mind and protection so you can keep spraying with confidence! The 1095 Iron Man is covered by a 3 year warranty.