A conversation about the future of painting: Graco XT sprayers to revolutionise the market

PaintAccess recently had an opportunity to discuss the latest paint sprayer technology from Graco and the imminent release of the Graco XT sprayer range. As part of that conversation, industry insiders revealed details of this game-changing lineup, following a meeting with manufacturers in Korea. 

The Graco XT series promises to redefine painting technology with its innovative design and unique features. Here's everything you need to know about these eagerly anticipated machines…

Launch details and availability

Graco has partnered with Dulux for the initial launch, and three of the new XT models will be available exclusively through Dulux for the first three months. Following that initial introductory period, the XT range will be made available to other retailers, and to customers throughout Australia.

The initial roll-out of new units will start in April and May and will include smaller units from the range at first. Larger units will be released in subsequent months as the range finds its way into specialist trade retailers like PaintAccess. 

It’s not yet clear what the situation with pre-orders will be, but given the limited stock associated with the exclusive roll-out, customers may need to hold off on a pre-order until the XT range is more widely available.

A huge technological leap

At the centre of the Graco XT range is a significant breakthrough in terms of motor design. Gone is the traditional paint sprayer motor design in favour of a motor where the outer casing rotates. That means the XT range has increased torque at much lower RPM. 

No more convoluted gearboxes, less noise, and a direct connection to the slider or crank assembly. The result is a sprayer that operates quietly enough to listen to music or podcasts on the job; a significant improvement in user experience.

Precision and control

The XT series introduces a dual-pressure setting, allowing for precise control over spray pressure. In addition, Graco has almost completely eliminated the “dead band” in pressure range that continues to plague other makes and models. Combined, these features ensure the XT range produces consistent pressure for a flawless finish. 

The introduction of vortex pistons in XT sprayer pumps further reduces side loading on the packings, extending their lifespan. That means a harder-wearing unit with a longer lifetime and an enhanced return on investment.

Enhanced features

The conversation also delved into some of the specific features of the new XT range, including:

  • Watchdog and Fast Flush: every model in the XT series includes Watchdog technology to prevent dry running and Fast Flush for quicker cleanups.
  • Advanced Control: with customisable pressure settings and almost eliminated dead bands, users have unprecedented control over their spraying.
  • Power Shot technology: a highlight feature of the new range, Power Shot technology offers instant on-off capabilities, further enhancing efficiency and control.

Pricing and availability

While the new range is likely to be released at a higher price point than existing models, XT sprayers represent a significant advancement in spraying technology. Early estimates suggest a price range of between $800 to $1000 more than current comparable older-technology models. 

That said, the existing Graco lineup will continue to be available alongside the XT series, providing a wide range of options for all users.

The Graco promise

Despite the upcoming innovations, Graco's commitment to quality and durability remains unchanged. The XT series will carry forward the legacy of the brand's renowned airless sprayers while setting new benchmarks for performance and user satisfaction.

Looking ahead

The introduction of the Graco XT sprayers marks a significant new milestone in paint sprayer technological advancement, promising a future where efficiency, control, and quiet operation are the norms. Professionals and DIY painters have a lot to look forward to and the new Graco XT range is a sign of things to come.