Oldfields is Australia’s heritage paint tools brand and is known throughout the industry for their innovation and production of top shelf paint tools for more than 100 years. 

Their philosophy is specific; provide outstanding paint tools designed for performance and exceptional results backed up by customer service to match.

The reason their product range is exceptional is because their product development team is focussed on quality driven innovation. They work with longstanding industry partners throughout the value chain and are constantly researching new technologies to raise paint performance and finish. 

It’s not by accident that efficiency and productivity are foremost in their minds when developing new products and providing quality service and support.


A proud history – 100 years of exceptional products

Henry Oldfield immigrated from Norwich, England and started his Sydney based business in 1916 producing brushes for professional painters to exacting standards. 

Market driven innovation has seen the range evolve into a comprehensive assortment of essential and unique tools for the professional painter. 

Innovation has touched all corners of the business from the use of hog bristle brushes through to the latest synthetic fibres in brushes and rollers that apply new paints beautifully to any surface.  

The painter community is part of the Oldfields DNA, it’s their input that gives the tools the X factor.


Servicing the needs of the painting community  

It’s no secret that Oldfields tools are crafted to be the best of the best.

They understand the need for tool performance, no matter what the situation, the conditions, surface or time pressures. Oldfields tools are crafted to enable the painter to provide the ultimate finish every time. 

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The Brush Range 

Pro Series - A revolution in paint brushes

The Pro Series premium range is designed and created to be the professional painters first choice.
The E4 Mark II designer filament is formulated to lead the brush market by providing excellent paint coverage and the best professional paint finish across all surfaces.

The brushes are highly productive, provide increased precision and control, carry more paint for less refills and provide a smooth and even putdown for an exceptional finish. This range maintains shape and performance for the professional painter and is performance tested with alkyd based, water based and oil-based paints.

Available in 12 different sizes, the Pro Series brush range features 4 different brush shapes;
Rectangle Wall Brush, Oval Wall Brush, Oval Sash Cutter and Oval Angle Cutter.

For best results use with a premium gloss and satin sheen paints for a smooth professional finish for internal and external applications.


 blush range 1

Tradesman - Trade quality …the great allrounder

The Tradesman brush range has been re-engineered to ensure maximum performance, durability and longevity for the trade professional painter. The brush blend is a selection of high-quality synthetic filaments that work together to achieve an outstanding paint finish.

Great quality for the hard working multiskilled tradesman and commercial painters who are after an excellent finish with a durable brush that is shed resistant and holds its shape for nonstop use.

Available in 12 different sizes, the Tradesman brush range features 4 different brush shapes;
Wall Brush, Sash Cutter, Angle Sash and Oval Cutter.

The Tradesman can take the punishment and keep delivering to the highest standards day in, day out. Suitable for all applications, the Tradesman brush range is performance tested with alkyd based, water based and oil-based paint to provide maximum paint pick-up and release for continuous coverage.


 Blush range2

Classic – The commercial painters go to range

The Oldfields Classic brand has been re-introduced with this brush. The synthetic filament blend has been designed for the commercial and DIY painter to be an all-purpose brush, providing quality finishes for multiple painting projects.

The blend is a selection of synthetic filaments that work together to achieve a great paint finish across all surfaces. The Classic brush range boasts an increased amount of filament and adjusted type in each layer, resulting in optimal paint pick up, hold and release leaving minimal brush marks.

Where efficiency and speed are king the Classic range is the ultimate commercial painting solution and a DIY favourite. It incorporates all that’s great about Oldfields brush technology but is tailored to suit the commercial environment where on site practicalities most likely impact the paint tool choice.

Available in 12 different sizes, the Classic brush range features 4 different brush shapes;
Wall Brush, Sash Cutter, Angle Sash and Oval Cutter.

Ideal for use with all paint types, the Classic range is great for large crews who are volume painting and want to deliver a quality finish.


 Blush Range 2

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The Oldfields Points of Difference

Capability – Productivity and Finish

Oldfields brushes have exceptional pick-up so there’s less time reloading, the filaments are custom designed to work with the latest paint technology and the balanced, crafted, wooden handles fit the hand for comfort, control and exceptional grip.


Brushes – Pick up, put down and release

Oldfields product development team work with industry specialists and painting professionals to develop and thoroughly test all brushes before they hit the shelf.

They thrash the filaments, push the boundaries of master brush making skills and only signoff on the R&D when an exceptional solution is found. That’s why their highly refined synthetic filament mirrors how a natural fibre picks up and releases paint. It’s had thousands of hours of field trials, analysis and stress testing and when it’s in the painter’s hand it’s nothing short of a master stroke.

Fabric & Filament – the science is in the small things, executed with precision.    

The Oldfields advanced microfibre fabric is low splatter, free of lint and features three NAP lengths to perfectly suit the job at hand.  

Roller sleeve technology requires perfection to provide the ultimate performance. Oldfields has very specific construction standards to consistently produce roller sleeves that perform to the highest standards and deliver the quality of finish that true professionals demand. 

Olfileds diferrent products 

• Feel in the hand and control – it’s all about the painter 

Painting all day is hard work. Fatigue is a factor; a painter needs to be able to perform to a consistently high stand. The efficiency, feel and perfect balance in a brush or roller is critical. 

Feel in the hand and control

• Tools – General

With a product range of more than 350 specialist tools there’s a solution waiting to be discovered. Check out their comprehensive range of paint scrappers, knives, blades, guides, straight edge tools and caulking guns. 



tools range


Sourcing – this is a critical point. The key supply chain partners are well established and have been with Oldfields for many years. They’re considered part of the family, not just business acquaintances and they share the passion for quality and perfection. The partners also play an active role in the R&D. They assist in the development process by providing their expertise to take advantage of the latest advancements in paint technology. It’s a very select and trusted small group of partners working with Oldfields and that’s why they continue to develop exceptional products.  


Quality and testing – painters in multiple channels do the testing (Commercial, New Housing, Domestic).

All testing is undertaken by external painters working on real projects across all channels and environments that the tools are likely to be used in. The feedback is factual, cut to the chase and no nonsense. The painters know they’re influencing the next generation of tools and they take an enormous amount of pride in their assessment and feedback. Oldfields counts on them to call it as they see it and the painters count on the Oldfields development team to listen, adapt and implement.

For further information please visit our website: https://oldfields.com.au