Airless spray painting with Timeframe and the Graco Ultra Max II

At PaintAccess we love partnering with other businesses to deliver high-quality painting services to customers and clients throughout Australia. Our customers know that the paint and painting accessories we supply will ensure they can deliver great results across a wide variety of projects. From outdoor painting with challenging weather conditions to indoor painting designed to transform a living or working space with vibrant colour and great design, PaintAccess has the paint, tools, and accessories that tradies and DIY painters need.

Timeframe Painting Group at South Maroubra Beach

This week we’re out and about visiting tradie customers on their worksites, having a look at what our most popular products can do to save time and labour costs. So that you can see what we’ve been up to, we took some video and uploaded it to YouTube:


The video starts with a shot that pans across the beautiful South Maroubra Beach. But we’re not here to enjoy the sunshine and waves. We’re visiting the guys from Timeframe Painting Group who are painting the South Maroubra Surf Club

When applying paint to the exterior of a building, you need to be conscious of the sorts of weather conditions the building might be subject to. Sun, rain and wind can all weather paint and reduce its longevity. That's particularly the case for salt-sprayed beachfront properties along Australia’s beautiful coastline.

But Ben and Matt from Timeframe Painting Group prepare the latest hard-wearing exterior paints from Taubman’s to ensure the surfaces of South Maroubra Surf Club's exterior remain protected for years to come.

The Graco Ultra Max II 795

Deploying the ever-reliable Graco Ultra Max II 795 sprayer with the Graco FTx Spray Gun, the boys from Timeframe get to work.

The Ultra Max II is one of the latest airless sprayer from Graco; leaders in the airless paint spray gun market. Airless spray guns are a great way to quickly and evenly apply paint, ensuring quick completion of projects, maximum efficiency, and little mess.

The boys from Timeframe Painting Group make quick work of the first exterior wall, applying paint to the base of the wall, closest to the ground, with a Graco Paint Shield to protect surfaces that aren’t being painted.

The paint sprayer and paint shield combination is a quick and easy way to apply paint with less physical effort and less chance of drips or contact with other surfaces. The paint shield can be held in one hand with the spray gun in the other, but Ben and Matt work together; one moves the spray shield while the other applies paint with the paint sprayer in a smooth and continuous spray pattern.

It just goes to show how quick and easy airless paint sprayers are to use, and why most professionals now use a paint sprayer instead of any other painting technique.


The Graco Pressure Roller

With the base of the wall complete, the rest of the wall is finished using the Graco Pressure Roller to speed up the process. Perhaps the best feature of the Graco Pressure Roller is that it uses the same reservoir as your spray paint guns because it too is connected to the Graco Ultra Max II 795. That means no additional paint container or tray, consistent paint viscosity, and consistent fluid pressure. And it means a higher quality and consistent finish.

The combination of spray gun and pressure roller means less physical effort, fewer strokes or rolls to apply paint, no messy paint trays, and significantly reduced application time. In fact, Ben estimates that painting the wall took minutes, rather than up to an hour.

The ability to roll paint continuously without having to constantly return to a paint tray means being able to optimise your paint supplies and increased application speed, while still ensuring a quality finish.


Taubmans high-quality paints

Taubmans is one of Australia's best-known paint brands and it's no surprise to see their products at the top of the list of options for tradies and professional painters. Their water-based paints are perfect for use with airless paint sprayers. Their latex paints provide a great paint consistency and longevity for a great finish with fewer coats. And their oil-based paints provide great coverage for timber and previously painted surfaces, or surfaces with water damage or stains.

Taubmans also make a range of primer products and protective coatings that offer ample protection in a wide range of weather conditions. From droughts to flooding rains, and even unusual cold weather conditions, Taubmans has the right product for your painting project.

As always, Taubmans recommends consulting all relevant material safety data sheets to ensure your own safety and that of those around you. Check out the Taubmans range at PaintAccess and find the perfect paint for your project.


Reducing labour costs

Tradies can tell you, in Australia, labour can be one of the most significant costs associated with a project. Tradies need to charge for their time, and more time spent on a job means fewer jobs each day and each week, and that means higher labour costs.

With the added cost of supplies for the building and construction industry, getting a tradie to complete a project for you has never been more expensive. Certainly not ideal working conditions. But tradies know that and are working to reduce their costs wherever possible. And PaintAccess are doing what they can, by reducing the cost of popular products and by finding ways to help tradies and small businesses to afford the equipment they need.

In our video, Graco’s innovative technology from PaintAccess means that Ben and Matt can finish this job quickly and move onto their next job. And the beneficiaries are their clients and customers who get work completed super-quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.

How do I get an airless paint sprayer at an affordable price?

If you want to buy any of the great Graco or Taubman’s products used by Ben and Matt, you can order them online from Right now (June 2022) we have a great end of financial year (EOFY) sale on, so you can get just what you need before tax time.

Whether you're after a conventional spray gun for commercial applications or a cordless paint sprayer gun, PaintAccess has the right airless units for every project.

Get the latest paint supplies from PaintAccess including power tools, spray paint products, sprayer components (replacement air hose, intake valve, finish nozzle, gravity cup, air nozzle, and paint pump products), pressure guns, linear spray systems, commercial and decorative paints, and paint equipment, to ensure you produce a professional finish every time. PaintAccess was one of the first online paint businesses in Australia and tradies, contract painters and DIY enthusiasts know it remains one of the best in the business.

And if you’re in Sydney and want to check out our products in person, come and visit our St Leonards or Matraville stores. At our new Matraville store you can use our Testing Bar to try before you buy. That means you can use that airless paint spray system you've been thinking about buying, or try one of the different spray paint guns for a machine you already own. In addition to a wide range of airless spray paint products, we have paint equipment to suit a variety of businesses and specialties.

Can I hire Timeframe to paint my home or business?

Absolutely! If you’d like Ben and Matt from Timeframe Painting Group to give you an obligation-free quote for your home or business painting project, head to

Ben, Matt and the Timeframe team have a great track record and have established a strong professional and social media following because of their high-quality work. They are well-known for their work from the upper North Shore of Sydney right down to Wollongong and everything in between (out to the Inner West).


Anything else that can help me with my project?

As always, if you need some help with your painting project, or you’d like the result without doing the work yourself, you can start a task or request a quote at BorisDoes. BorisDoes is an Australian task marketplace that connects Customers throughout Australia with Taskers and Businesses near them. Find the right tradie, like Ben and Matt from Timeframe Painting Group, to help you with your task on BorisDoes.