How does it work?

In this video, PaintAccess CEO Dan and paint industry influencer Harriet have some great tips for using an airless sprayer to paint walls without overspraying:

Let's break it down so you can understand what's going on and what they're using:

The airless paint sprayer

Dan and Harriet are using the Graco Magnum ProX17 Electric Airless Paint Sprayer with the 515 RAC IV Spray Tip. They start by applying Graco Pump Armour designed to protect the components of the sprayer pump and increase longevity. Connecting the included hoses, Dan inserts the suction hose into the paint bucket, checks the air pressure, and we’re ready to go. 

The speed with which this nifty little Graco unit is ready shows just how fast airless spraying can be. Yes, Dan and Harriet are experts, but air sprayers are incredibly intuitive and easy to use. And later in this post we'll tell you about ways in which you can try  different types of paint sprayers and airless spray guns before you start your project. Find the type of sprayer that's right for you.

Masking tape and drop sheets

With the paint ready, it’s time to apply masking tape. This time Dan and Harriet are using Uni-Pro 14 day blue Masking Film Rolls. Pull Down Drop Sheet 550mm x 25m Dispenser along with iQuip Masking Tape. The pull-down drop sheets mean that once the masking tape edge is applied (as precisely as possible), the drop-sheet plastic can be extended out to cover cornices, door frames, and even a section of ceiling or flooring. It’s a quick and easy way to cover a large area with one application of tape. 

Once the drop sheet is tucked in under the drop cloth, Dan and Harriet can start applying coats of paint.

Safety gear

But first! Always thinking about safety, Dan runs through some of the PPE he’ll be using including a respirator mask, hair covering and Uni-Pro Disposable Hooded Coveralls

Painting the wall

Now that everything is ready, all of the protective material has been applied, and everyone is wearing their PPE, it's time to start painting.

Paint is applied in an even up-and-down spray pattern, all the way to the masking tape protecting the cornices at the top, and all the way to the masking tape protecting the skirting boards at the bottom. Once the painting is finished, the masking tape and drop sheets can be removed, revealing a straight and even line above the skirting board and the same beneath the cornices. If you’re painting at home you might let the paint dry for longer, but the results are clear; protected features and a high-quality paint finish. 

As Dan points out, the only place where there was any overspray was on the Graco airless electric paint sprayer itself (which was minimal overspray anyway). The skirting boards and cornices were completely protected. But it does highlight that while protecting your skirting boards, cornices and door and window frames is nice and easy, you also have to consider protection for anything else you might be leaving inside the room when you paint. It would be a shame to put all that work into protecting your skirting boards, just to get paint on your piano or lounge chairs.

Using the right equipment

Choosing the right type of paint sprayer is the first step toward completing your DIY project. While professional models are great (and there is a reason tradies use them) a smaller model like the Graco Magnum ProX17 should be more than enough to get most residential DIY paint jobs done.

If you're looking at applying heavier coatings, have a chat with the experts at PaintAccess about the best sprayer and paint gun for the volume of paint you plan to use. As a DIY painter it's possible to get the same professional finish as the experts, but it can help to have some expert advice.

Get the gear!

If you want to buy any of the great products in this video, you can order them online from

If you’re in Sydney and want to check out our Testing Bar (with this wall), come and visit our Matraville store. When we say “try before you buy”, we mean it. That means you can come and check out our favourite paint sprayers and airless paint sprayer guns and you can see for yourself just how easy it is to spray paint. Whether you're trying to complete exterior spray painting projects, or larger projects inside, you'll have all the help you need to complete your DIY projects with PaintAccess.

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