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Zipwall is the maker of the The ZipWall Dust Barrier system, a revolutionary product which protects against dust and can be set up in just a matter of minutes. The ZipWall Dust Barrier system is used across a wide range of industries such as healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing and commercial/industrial remodelling. Their wide range of products includes ZipWall Magnetic Door, ZipFast Resuable Panels, FoamRail Tapeless Seals and Dust Barrier Toolkits. Check out our full range of Zipwall products to find out more.

Graco Inc. has been a leading provider of premium pumps and spray equipment for fluid handling in the construction, manufacturing, processing and maintenance industries since 1926. The 21st century has seen Graco become a world leader in the industry and revolutionise fluid handling systems in commercial and industrial settings. Their extensive range of pumps, sprayers, reels and many more products ensure that the individual needs of each client are always met to a high standard. See our range of Graco Sprayers to find out more.

Wagner is the leading global manufacturer of decorative finishing technology products for consumer, contractor and industrial applications. Their many years of experience in surface finishing have made them a household name in the trade and DIY industries and earnt them a reputation for premium products. Wagner products include a variety of paint spray systems, paint rollers, steam wallpaper strippers and heat guns to help you keep your house looking at its best. Visit our range of Wagner products to find out more.

Uni-Pro has a long history in the Australian Paint Industry. Originally known as “The Marketing Company”, the original business was started by husband and wife Ken & Heather Simpson. Their extensive range includes brushes, rollers and kits, mixers and openers, hand tools, preparation tools and much more. Whether you're a DIY home owner looking to freshen up your house or a professional or commercial painter, Uni-Pro will have products suited to your needs. See our range of Uni-Pro products to find out more. 

Founded by Isaac Hyde back in 1875, Hyde Manufacturing first began manufacturing and specializing in mill blades. Today, they are a top brand for professional contractors and DIY home owners. They are best known for their surface preparation and repair tools that ensure the best finish when painting or staining. They stock over 1500 products in trades such as concrete and masonry, construction and remodelling, drywall and wall repair, masonry, and flooring. Visit our range of Hyde products to find out more.

Rust-Oleum is the world's top provider of defensive paints and coatings for both home and industry. Established in 1921, Rust-Oleum's products have a long and rich history of transforming homes, structures and vehicles around the world. With more than 90 years of research and development behind them, their products are certain to meet your needs. Coating sprays, whiteboard dry erase kits, tub and tile refinishing kits are just a few of the premium Rust-Oleum products we stock. See our range of Rust-Oleum products to find out more.