Graco Ultra 190 PC Express Electric Airless Sprayer - Stand Unit (17C384)

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Graco Ultra 190 PC Express Electric Airless Sprayer - Stand Unit (17C384)


Graco Ultra 190 PC Express Electric Airless Sprayer - Stand Unit (17C384)

The makers of the world’s best airless paint sprayers - Graco - have done it again with the 190 PC Express electric airless sprayer. The 190 PC Express is a solid entry-level workhorse ideal for new painting tradies or those tackling a DIY painting project. 

At just 14kg this stand unit is lightweight and portable, making it an ideal addition to a work ute or van. Move it in and out of your work vehicle with ease, and move it around site. The ability to move the 190 PC Express around means it’s perfect for both interior and exterior painting jobs and can be moved out of the way when you pick up the brush or roller. 

The 190 PC Express is also a great back-up unit for touch-ups, small jobs, and complementary coatings alongside a larger Graco unit. That means less down-time and better quality service for your clients and customers. 

The durable components of the 190 PC Express mean it’s perfect for spraying varnish, lacquers, interior and exterior acrylics, primers, and undercoats. For a full list of the materials you can safely use with your 190 PC Express, have a chat to a PaintAccess expert. 

You can also try before you buy at PaintAccess’ Matraville store so if the 190 PC Express isn’t the perfect tool for the work you do, we’ll help you try some other great Graco products until you find the right airless paint sprayer for you!

The stand unit features:

  • Graco’s ProConnect system which means easy pump removal and replacement of the entire fluid pump in just minutes. Keep a spare pump on hand to avoid down-time.
  • Graco’s market-leading Endurance Pump with long-life V-Max components, Chromex rod and a hardened stainless steel cylinder.
  • QuickAccess intake valve to easily clean or clear debris.
  • Consistent pressure control, delivering a consistent spray pattern with minimal fluctuation.
  • Easy-out pump filter which reduces tip clogs and ensures a quality finish.
  • Swivel inlet suction hose made from aluminium and featuring no-tools removal.

The Graco 190 PC Express electric airless sprayer package includes:

  • 190 PC Express stand unit 
  • SG3 airless sprayer gun
  • RAC V 515 SwitchTip and Guard (243161)
  • Gun mesh filter 50 (288749)
  • 6.4mm x 15m BlueMax II airless hose


Combine the 190 PC Express with Graco’s JetRoller products for added functionality, efficient application, and high-quality finishes that your clients will love. And PaintAccess always recommends use of Graco’s Pump Armour when you’re done for the day and it’s time to put your 190 PC Express away. Pump Armour will ensure your airless paint sprayer remains in peak condition, especially when you’re not using it. That means it will be ready to go next time a client is relying on you to get the job done.

Like all of Graco’s great products, the 190 PC Express electric airless sprayer is made in the USA and has a 12 month warranty on the Endurance Pump and motor.

Compare Table

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GX 21 190 PC Express 390 PC 395 PC PRO
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
Part Numbers: 17H219 Stand 17C384 Stand 17C386
Lo-Boy 17C387
Hi-Boy 17C388
Stand 17E881
Max. Tip Size 0.021" 0.021" 0.021" 0.023"
Max. flow - I/min (gpm) 1.8(0.47) 1.8(0.47) 1.8(0.47) 2.0(0.52)
Max. pressure - bar (PSI) 207 (3000) 207 (3000) 227 (3300) 227 (3300)
Weight - Kg(Ibs) 13.2Kg 14Kg Stand 17C386 - 14Kg
Lo-Boy 17C387 - 20Kg
Hi-Boy 17C388 - 24Kg
Motor Power (hp) 0.87 DC 0.62 DC 0.62 DC 0.87 TEFC DC
Frame Direct Immersion
Hopper Suction Tube
Ball Knocker - PushPrime Button
Hydraulic Pressure Gauge
ProXChange Pump System
Pump Endurance Piston Endurance Piston Endurance Piston Endurance Piston
Control Electronic Electronic SmartControl 1.0
Tips 517 RAC X LTX 515 RAC X LTX 517 RAC X LTX 517 LP 315
Guard RAC X - 246215 RAC X - 246215
Gun filter (mesh) Easy Out 60 - 288749
Gun SG3 SG3 Contractor PC Contractor PC
Pump filter (mesh) 40 - 288747
Hose 1/4" x 15m - 247340 Blue Max II Airless 64 mm x 15m (1/4 in x 50ft) Blue Max II Airless 64 mm x 15m (1/4 in x 50ft) Blue Max II Airless 64 mm x 15m (1/4 in x 50ft)



43.18 cm
50.8 cm
45.72 cm



May require help to carry

Total Weight: 18.6789 kg



Can I paint my roof with the Graco 190 PC?
No, the Graco 190 PC is not suitable for use with roof paint, and is designed to be used for small-to-medium residential jobs.
How long is the warranty for the Graco 190 PC?
The Graco 190 PC comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.
Can I rebuild the pump on my Graco 190 PC when it's out of warranty?
Yes, absolutely you can buy a Graco Replacement Pump Repair Kit and do it yourself or reach out to our repair centres at St Leonards or Matraville
What type of spray tips can I use with the Graco 190 PC?
You can use either Graco Green or Blue spray tips, with a maximum size of 0.21.
Is the Graco 190 PC suitable for commercial contractors?
Yes, the 190 PC is an entry-level model for commercial painters and contractors.