Graco Magnum ProX19 Hi-Boy Electric Airless Sprayer

Graco Magnum ProX19 Hi-Boy Electric Airless Sprayer

financing available
financing available

Graco Magnum ProX 19 Hi-Boy Electric Airless Sprayer

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Powerful ProXChange Pump for Frequent Use

  • Property maintenance pros, remodelers and general contractors turn projects around smarter and faster with the ProX19.
  • Tackle all interior and exterior projects, rental property and large homes.
  • The ProX19 supports a larger tip size allowing you to spray thicker material.
  • The ProXChange Pump Replacement System allows you to replace the pump on the job with no tools, eliminating downtime and keeping you spraying while extending the life of the sprayer.
  • You can use longer hose lengths to prevent moving your sprayer and keeping you more productive. (please buy optional hoses here)


  • ProX Stainless Steel Piston Pump - For greater reliability and long life
  • ProXChange Pump System - Eliminates downtime with quick, no-tools pump replacement on-the-job
  • DC Motor - Supports longer extension cords and up to 150 feet of airless hose
  • PushPrime - Fast and reliable start-up every time
  • SG3 Metal Spray Gun - Premium spray gun with hose swivel making it easy to manage longer hose lengths
  • Reverse-A-Clean Spray Tip - Quickly clears tip clogs
  • Convenient Cart - Move paint and sprayer around job site
  • Adjustable Pressure - Easy control of paint flow
  • InstaClean Pump Filter - Added pump filtration reduces tip clogs from debris in the paint
  • Power Flush - Connects to garden hose for fast and easy cleanup

What's Included

  • Metal SG3 Spray Gun
  • 515 RAC IV Spray Tip
  • 15m of hose
  • Pump Armour
  • Quick Start Guide

Magnum ProX19 Specifications:

Model Number


Recommended Usage* ~2273 l/yr
Maximum Tip Size .019 in
Maximum Pressure 3000 psi
Performance Rating 1.7 l/min
Maximum Hose Length 45m
Motor 7/8 hp DC
Height 94.5cm
Length 50.8cm
Width 43.7cm
Weight 17kg

Recommended occasional use up to 2273 ltrs/ year

All Magnum Range Owners Manual
Data Sheet Magnum ProX19
Magnum Quick Start Guide

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