In the vibrant landscape of Australian homes, selecting the perfect wall paint colour can be as crucial as choosing the right furnishings. With evolving interior trends and the rich diversity in Australian home designs, maintaining the aesthetic harmony of your living space often involves knowing the exact colour on your walls. Enter the innovative solution: colour sensors.

These compact, user-friendly devices have become a game-changer in home renovation and interior design. A colour sensor works by scanning the surface of your wall and accurately identifying the paint colour. This technology utilises advanced optics and algorithms to capture the colour and provide a precise match.

For Australians looking to refresh their space or touch up existing paintwork, this tool is a boon. It eliminates the guesswork and endless colour swatches, offering a quick and efficient way to find the exact paint match. Whether you're living in a classic Queensland cottage, a modern Melbourne apartment, or a beachside Sydney home, a colour sensor ensures that your colour choices resonate with your surroundings and personal style.

With this technology, Australians can embrace their creative vision, ensuring their homes reflect their unique taste and lifestyle. The colour sensor is more than a tool; it's a pathway to a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing home environment.

How do I find the exact paint colour of my wall?

When you start a paint project, the first thing you need to do is to choose the colour you want to apply. Maybe you've seen the colour in a shop, in nature, or somewhere in your house? But how do you work out what colour that is so that you can buy the right paint? The simplest way is to use a colour sensor or a colour scanning app. Each option allows you to pick a colour and then select the correct colour from the range of paints available.

It's not hard to decide you don't like the current colour of your walls, but picking the perfect colour to replace it is a little more challenging.

Is there an app to identify paint colour?

Yes, there are several apps available for identifying paint colours. These apps, often developed by leading paint brands, use your smartphone's camera to capture a colour from any surface and match it with their paint colours. Examples include the Dulux Colour App and the Taubmans Coloursmith app. Additionally, independent devices like the Nix Mini 2 colour sensor pair with a mobile app to offer precise colour matching. These tools are incredibly useful for both DIY home renovators and professional decorators, allowing for quick, accurate identification and replication of desired colours, streamlining the paint selection process.

How do you use a colour sensor?

Using a colour sensor is a straightforward process. First, ensure the sensor is charged and connected to its corresponding smartphone app. Then, calibrate the sensor according to the manufacturer's instructions, often against a white surface. Once calibrated, place the sensor flat against the colour you wish to identify, ensuring good contact and minimal light interference. Press the scan button, either on the sensor or within the app. The sensor reads the colour and communicates with the app to display the closest paint match from its database. You can then save your colour selections, explore similar shades, or even buy paint directly through the app.

What colours can a colour sensor detect?

Each of the sensors and apps we'll look at in this blog can detect a wide range of colours, especially where they are produced by - or in partnership with - a well-known paint manufacturer like Dulux or Taubmans. In those instances, products are usually designed to provide an exact colour code so that you can go to a paint manufacturer, give them the paint code of your chosen colour, and get a tin of paint in exactly the colour you need.

How accurate is a colour sensor?

Colour sensors, such as the Nix Mini 2 or those integrated into apps like Dulux Colour and Taubmans Coloursmith, are highly accurate in identifying paint colours. They use advanced optics and calibration techniques to capture colours precisely. However, their accuracy can be influenced by ambient lighting conditions and the texture of the surface being scanned. In optimal conditions, these sensors can closely match a scanned colour with existing paint shades. While not infallible, they significantly reduce the margin of error compared to the human eye, making them reliable tools for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts in matching and selecting paint colours.

Some of the best options from the big names...



When it comes to picking a colour sensor option, some of the biggest names in the business have developed digital tools with companion apps or standalone apps that add colour sensor functionality to your smartphone. Here are some of the best:

Taubmans Coloursmith colour sensor

The Taubmans Coloursmith colour sensor is revolutionising the way Australians choose paint colours for their homes. This compact, innovative device offers a high-tech solution to finding the perfect shade for any space. It's particularly valuable in a country known for its unique light and vibrant landscapes, ensuring that the colours you select harmonise beautifully with the Australian environment.

How do you use a Taubmans Coloursmith reader?

Using advanced technology, the Coloursmith sensor accurately scans any object or surface to identify its colour. This means you can draw inspiration from anything around you – a leaf from your backyard, a cherished fabric, or even a piece of art. The sensor then translates this colour into a matching Taubmans paint shade, taking the guesswork out of your decision-making process.

How does it work with the Coloursmith app?

The Coloursmith app enhances this experience. It not only stores your scanned colours but also allows you to visualise them on your walls. This integration of technology makes colour selection both a precise and creative endeavour, aligning with the diverse tastes and lifestyles of Australians. The Taubmans Coloursmith is more than a sensor; it's a tool that opens up a world of colour possibilities, right at your fingertips.

Nix Mini 2 colour sensor

nix colour sensor


The Nix Mini 2 colour sensor represents a leap forward in colour-matching technology, offering a practical solution for Australians eager to perfect their interior and exterior spaces. Compact and user-friendly, this device is an essential tool for both professional decorators and DIY enthusiasts.

This sensor is not just about finding the right colour; it's about capturing the essence of a space and personalising it to reflect individual styles. For Australians looking to infuse their homes with colours that resonate with their lifestyle and environment, the Nix Mini 2 is an invaluable asset.

How do you use a Nix sensor?

At the heart of its appeal is the ability to scan any colour from any surface – whether it's a wall, fabric, or even a leaf – and match it with thousands of paint colours from leading brands. This feature is particularly useful in Australia, where the unique quality of natural light can impact how paint hues appear in different settings.

Moreover, the Nix Mini 2 is designed for simplicity. Its portable size allows for easy transport, and with a simple scan, it provides accurate colour readings. The accompanying app enhances the user experience by saving favourite colours, viewing colour matches, and even suggesting coordinating colour palettes.

The Dulux Colour App

colour app


The Dulux Colour App is an innovative tool transforming the way Australians approach their painting projects. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, this app is a treasure trove for anyone looking to breathe new life into their spaces with colour. It's not just an app; it's a digital colour consultant in your pocket.

Additionally, the Dulux Visualiser tool allows you to virtually paint your walls, giving a realistic preview of how different colours will look in your space. This helps in making confident colour choices, reducing the risk of disappointment.

How do you use the Dulux Colour App?

One of the app's standout features is its Colour Match technology. Simply take a photo, and the app can precisely identify colours from any inspiring source, be it a cushion or a beachscape, and match them to Dulux's extensive paint range. The app gives you a colour code which allows you to quickly find the corresponding Dulux paint. That means Dulux Colour Match works from your phone without any additional tools or equipment.

This feature is especially handy for those inspired by the diverse Australian landscape or urban settings. With the Dulux Colour App, selecting paint becomes a seamless, enjoyable journey, ensuring that every Australian home can reflect its owner's personality and style with just a few taps.

Is the Dulux Visualiser free?

Yes, the Dulux Colour App with the Dulux Visualiser tool is available for free from the Dulux Group for either Android or iOS (Google Play or AppStore).

Where is the best place to buy a colour sensor in Australia?

Both the Nix Mini 2 colour sensor and the Taubmans Coloursmith colour sensor are available from PaintAccess. Each of the corresponding apps and the Dulux Colour App are available online from Google Play (Android) or the AppStore (Apple iOS).

Digital colour sensors and colour sensor apps open up a wide range of colour options for your next painting projects, and allow you to unlock the power of colour in a way that enhances your home.

Get a colour sensor or colour sensor app ahead of your next project; you won't regret it.