BorisDoes is a brand new Australian marketplace which allows customers to post their tasks and get them completed by a Tasker for a great price. BorisDoes is also flexible platform which you can use in different ways depending on your needs. Whether you visit BorisDoes for the occasional task or want to register your business on the platform, BorisDoes has a solution for you. BorisDoes can be used similar to Airtasker, for the occasional odd task that you need to delegate to someone else. However, if you’re a business, BorisDoes also offers a complete solution with a variety of specialised benefits. What benefits does BorisDoes have for businesses? Keep reading to find out more! 


Business Features

BorisDoes works hard to continue to implement new features to benefit your business. Here are some of the best business features on the platform. One of the newest features BorisDoes is implementing for businesses is quote requests. 

Affiliate program

BorisDoes has made the process of passive income as simple as possible. The affiliate program means that you can earn some extra money for very little effort. For every successful sign up you refer, BorisDoes pays you $1. Everytime they successfully complete a task, you also receive 5% of the total task amount! 


Soon, BorisDoes will be introducing the subwebsite features. Businesses will have the ability to have their own subwebsite in which they can display all their links and pictures. A subwebsite allows businesses to advertise their services outside of the platform and attract new customers. By getting a subwebsite for your business, you can create an attractive “face” for your business and help it grow.

Import reviews from other services

These days, business are built on good reviews. In the past, people used to rely on word of mouth and suggestions by friends and family about good businesses. Nowadays, online reviews are key to demonstrating quality products and services. BorisDoes allows you to transfer your good reviews from other websites to the BorisDoes service. This way, customers will see that you’ve have a strong history of satisfied customers and be more likely to choose your services. Import your best reviews to prove to customers that you’re the best person for their task. 

Cashless payment 

Whether you’re an individual or a business, you want to know that your payments will be made safely. With BorisDoes’ secure cashless payment system, you can have peace of mind knowing that your payments are safe. Before a task is commenced, money is transfered to the secure BorisSafe where it is held until the task is completed. Only upon successful completion of the task and confirmation by the customer, will the money be transferred to the tasker’s account. 

What makes BorisDoes different?

Although BorisDoes has similarities to Airtasker, it also offers plenty of unique features that help it to stand out from its competitors. Here are just a few of the best features for both business and individual customers on BorisDoes. 

Intuitive website design

The last thing you want to do is waste time figuring out how to navigate a website. That’s why BorisDoes is designed to be intuitive and easy to use with the user in mind. The comfort of users is a priority on BorisDoes and its UI designers work hard to create a website that gives users an enjoyable experience.

Messenging System 

Something that makes BorisDoes stand out in the market is its live messenger feature, allowing a tasker and client to communicate easily. After all, before you choose a tasker’s services, it’s important to discuss task details with them so you’re on the same page about the requirements of the task. Live messenger also provides a record of the task agreement just in case either party has a dispute about the task. It is also helpful as it keeps a record of any task agreements if either a tasker or a client has a dispute, BorisDoes’ customer support team can review this information to find a solution. 

Easy to create tasks 

You don’t want to waste lots of time creating a task when you could be getting it done! BorisDoes understands that your life is busy, so they’ve made it easy and quick to create a task. All you need to do is specify a short task title, fill in the details of the task, add the performance date, address, and budget...and you’re done! From here, you can start getting offers from interested taskers, or you can look through the taskers’ list to find the perfect match.

You don’t need to have qualifications!

If you want to become a tasker on BorisDoes but don’t have particular qualifications, you can easily find a job that suits you. Many people require a house or pet sitter if they are going away on holidays, and this is a simple task that can provide a bit of extra money on the side. The beauty of BorisDoes is that there’s something for everyone, whether you have qualifications or experience, or whether you’re just starting out as a freelancer!


Find a tasker easily 

Although you can wait for offers, you can also visit the list of Taskers to find someone suitable for your task. All you need to do is filter by category, select your city, and add extra filters such as rating and portfolio if you would like. The best taskers from the category you selected will then be visible, and you can select the one you like best. By clicking on their profile, you’ll be able to see more information such as their average review rating, licenses, and portfolio. If you like what you see, select “offer your work” and get started!

Safe payments with the BorisSafe 

BorisDoes knows that safe payments are one of the key features that customers like to see.

Because of this, the payment system is design to be safe and secure with the help of BorisSafe. As soon as you are selected as a tasker, you will receive a payment into your service account. You will also receive a notification that the payment will be set aside for the successful completion of the task. Say goodbye to your payment worries!

Badges, Checks and Portfolios 

Before you choose a tasker, you want to know that they are who they say they are. BorisDoes allows taskers to upload badges to their profile to prove their legitimacy. Taskers can get Digital ID, police checks, and ABN confirmation. With these checks, you can ensure that your task will be completed safely and to a high standard. Badges and checks are also beneficial to the Tasker themselves, as a customer may be more likely to select them for a task. 

To ensure that you choose the best tasker, BorisDoes has enabled taskers to add portfolios onto their profiles to show their previous work and prove their professionalism. A portfolio allows you to see photos of previous works completed by the tasker. This can help you decide whether the tasker is suitable for you. Similarly, on a tasker’s profile, you can see their average star review rating to get an idea of how satisfied customers are with their work.

Great customer service 

BorisDoes’ support team is ready to help you with any questions or concerns you may have at any time. Not sure how to withdraw money or how to post your first task? Reach out to BorisDoes’ support team who will help you with anything you may need. If you’ve noticed a bug or problem on the BorisDoes website, you’re always welcome to report it to the BorisDoes team so they can address it as soon as possible. 

How do I earn with BorisDoes?

Making offers 

Once you’ve signed up as a tasker, you’re ready to start making some extra money! Browse through the “Task List” and find a task that catches your eye. By clicking on a task you can see the task title, description, location, and budget. If it’s something you’re interested in, you can simply click “make an offer”. Before a final agreement is made, the tasker and customer can chat through the live messenger feature to arrange specific details. 

Earning through the affiliate program

As we mentioned earlier in the blog, BorisDoes also allows you to earn passively! For every successful sign up you refer, BorisDoes pays you $1. Everytime they successfully complete a task, you also receive 5% of the total task amount.