Do you want to learn how to use a FinishPro 9.5 HVLP Sprayer? Here at PaintAccess, we want to help out our customers in any way we can. Today, we have put together a helpful video guide explaining exactly how to use it. We are joined by Santiago from Spot Painting and Jairo from Canalva Painting & Decorating who help us demonstrate everything you need to know about the FinishPro 9.5 HVLP Sprayer. Thank you for coming to our Sydney site all the way from Wollongong! Jairo gives an expert guide on basic set up, how to apply paint, brands of paint to use and fine tunings on the gun. 

 Watch our video to learn how to prepare your sprayer, how to paint with your sprayer and more. Not sure which kind of paint to use with your sprayer? We take you through the best paints to use with the sprayer. Give our video a watch to find out more! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel for more helpful content coming soon!

HVLP Procomp 9.5 is a top of the line Graco Sprayer which has pressure port and spray gun options. HVLP sprayers are very good for fine finish on wardrobes, kitchen surfaces. You can also use any kind of paint in these sprayers, such as water-based enamels. Recently, painters have been looking for portable compressors and guns which aren’t bulky which is where the FinishPro 9.5 Sprayer comes in, it is very portable and easy to transport around worksites.