Graco Ultra QuickShot: Overview

Graco describes the Ultra QuickShot as, “the fastest way to complete all small jobs” and the, “ultimate hands-free portability with a perfect airless finish”. Our team at PaintAccess agrees and we’re just 1 month away from the QuickShot being available in store and online. 

Ahead of its arrival in Australia, we had the privilege of a demonstration from Graco’s rep Grant who showed us just how easy the QuickShot is to use. The Ultra QuickShot fills a gap in Graco’s product range between the hand-held Ultra Max and the “entry level” GX19 range. The QuickShot doesn’t pretend to be either of those, though, and has a range of unique features. 

It feels familiar and you’ll know you’re using a Graco paint sprayer, but some of the key components might not be where you expect them to be. The pressure dial at the back of the unit, for example, and the gravity-fed pour-n-go cup reservoir with built-in filter. It also boasts the lightest trigger-pull of any airless paint sprayer. Impressive! The airless spray control means you'll be able to achieve a quality finish every time. 

The Ultra QuickShot is a fantastic little machine and one we think will be a game-changer for the painting industry. That’s because it’s a great value-add for professional painters who don’t want the hassle of preparing and priming a large airless paint sprayer just to complete a small task or a task in a hard-to-reach area. It’s also a must-have for DIY painters who want the convenience and professional results of an airless paint sprayer without the price tag.

Quick questions

Let’s cover some of the basic questions that tradies and DIY painters might have about the Graco Ultra QuickShot. To help you, we’ve published a video right here

  • How much does it weigh? Unfilled, the unit weighs 2.9 kg and weighs approximately 4.1 kg with the pour-n-go cup filled. The unit’s light weight makes it portable and makes carrying it on the included belt easy.
  • What spray tips come with the sprayer? The QuickShot comes with two tips, the fine finish low pressure (FFLP) 514 and the FFLP 210. These are the same style of tips you’ll be used to if you’ve used Graco paint sprayer products before.
  • What battery does the Graco Ultra QuickShot use? The QuickShot uses 18v DeWalt batteries. The unit comes with two of those DeWalt batteries, along with the standard DeWalt charging system accessories. 
  • Can I use a bigger DeWalt battery? Yes, but they are not included. The QuickShot is designed for small jobs and it’s unlikely to need the extended operating hours of higher-capacity DeWalt batteries. 
  • How does the belt system work? The adjustable belt that comes with the Graco Ultra QuickShot is a standalone system designed to hold the Graco Ultra QuickShot itself and nothing else. You don’t need to attach anything to your existing tool-belt and the adjustable strap means you can wear it over anything without interfering with functionality. The Graco Ultra QuickShot clicks into the specialised holster attachment and the spray cut clicks into the specialised housing for completely hands-free portability. 
  • How much paint does the pour-n-go cup hold? The unit includes a 1.2 litre paint reservoir in the form of Graco’s special pour-and-go cup which allows you to store just the right amount of paint for your job. It also includes a dedicated filter at the base of the cup to exclude any stray foreign objects from the pump itself. 

Who is the Graco Ultra QuickShot made for?

graco ultra paint sprayer


Without overdoing it, the simple answer is: everyone. No, seriously. It’s a great unit for professional painting tradies who have one or more larger Graco units and want a fantastic, smaller airless paint sprayer for those finishing touches, forgotten corners, thin spots, and small jobs. It will save you having to prepare and prime a larger unit and you can just fill the pour-n-go cup with paint and get started. 

It’s a great choice for general tradies and handymen who want an airless paint sprayer for small jobs without committing to a much larger and more expensive unit. It’s also a great entry-level for handymen who do some painting and would like to step up their painting game before getting a painting licence. 

Finally, it’s a great unit for DIY painters. It will handle most amateur and home painting jobs with ease and then can be packed away for the next job. If you’re not using a paint sprayer every day but you paint often enough that you have developed some skills, the QuickShot is undoubtedly your best option. Not too small, not too big… it’s just right.

What are the pros and cons of buying a Graco Ultra Quickshot?



Small enough to be carried around, which means access to a wider range of areas, including tight spaces.

Might be too small for some larger jobs.

Cheaper than most other professional-grade airless paint sprayers on the market.

Not designed to be used all day, everyday by a professional painting tradie.

Universally Graco parts and components you’re already familiar with and trust.

Some unique design elements that might take some getting used to for experienced Graco aficionados. 

Quick-loading, 1.2 litre pour-n-go cup reservoir holds the paint you need for most small jobs. 

Cannot be connected with a larger reservoir or bucket of paint so is limited to small jobs requiring a small amount of paint.

Comes with 2 x 18w DeWalt batteries which have a strong track record and are trusted by professional tradies around the world. 

Battery operated only which means you need to wait for 1 of your 2 batteries to be charged before you can start.

What painting jobs can I complete with the Graco Ultra QuickShot?

graco ultra quick shot

The lightweight portability of the Graco Ultra QuickShot means it’s a great little unit for completing a wide range of small jobs; in short, it does what it says on the box. It has been designed with portability in mind, which means it can be moved around from job to job with ease. Whether you’re painting inside or outside, the Graco Ultra QuickShot is the tool you need. Here are just some of the small painting jobs that are perfect for the QuickShot:

Using the Graco Ultra QuickShot for interior painting

  • Doors: because the QuickShot can be used almost anywhere you can access, with some painters tape and drop-sheets you can paint a door while it is in place. No need to remove it from its hinges, just tape the hinges and other hardware up and apply a fresh coat of paint.
  • Feature walls: you might pick one of the QuickShot’s “bigger” siblings to paint a whole room, but painting just one feature wall is the perfect task for this little unit. Lay down your main neutral colour on the other walls and use the QuickShot to apply that splash of colour to your feature wall. 
  • Cabinets and built-ins: like regular room doors, the QuickShot is great for cupboard doors, but it’s also portable and manoeuvrable, which means it’s great for the inside of cupboards and built-ins too. A great tool for that mini-renovation.
  • Trim, window and door frames, skirting boards: again, while you use a larger Graco unit to paint walls and ceilings, the QuickShot is a great option for those smaller, fiddly painting jobs like window and door trim, frames and skirting boards. 

Using the Graco Ultra QuickShot for exterior painting

  • Fences and gates: it makes sense to bust out one of Graco’s larger units if you’re painting every boundary fence at once. But for repair jobs, replacing a few fence panels, or painting a new gate, the QuickShot is perfect. 
  • Outdoor furniture: because it’s so portable, you can move the Graco Ultra QuickShot outside and paint outdoor furniture pieces in their current location. No moving furniture - just put down a drop sheet and clear some space and you’ll be able to walk around each piece with the QuickShot on its dedicated belt. 
  • Decks and railings: it’s quick and easy to move the QuickShot where you need it to be, which means that quick repainting job, small deck or replaced railing can be painted quickly and easily. 
  • Garage doors: while a double garage door might be at the larger end of jobs for the QuickShot, its portability means you can get up close with a garage door and get it painted quickly and easily. 

Paint sprayer preparation and safety

Using an airless paint sprayer can be a great way to quickly and efficiently paint a wide range of surfaces. However, it's important to take proper precautions to ensure your safety and achieve a professional-looking finish. Here are some tips to keep in mind before using an airless paint sprayer:

  • Wear protective gear: Make sure to wear eye and ear protection, a dust mask, and gloves to prevent any accidental injury.
  • Choose the right paint: Not all paints are suitable for airless sprayers, so make sure to choose a paint that is specifically designed for use with this type of equipment.
  • Prepare the surface: Clean the surface you'll be painting thoroughly to ensure that the paint adheres properly. Use a primer if necessary.
  • Test the spray: Before starting, test the spray on a piece of scrap material to ensure that the paint is spraying evenly and smoothly.
  • Use proper technique: Hold the sprayer at a consistent distance from the surface and move the sprayer in a smooth, even motion to avoid drips or uneven coverage.
  • Clean the equipment properly: After you're done painting, clean the equipment thoroughly according to the manufacturer's instructions.

By following these tips, you can achieve a professional-looking finish with an airless paint sprayer while staying safe and protecting your health.

Graco Ultra QuickShot reviews: what are contractors saying?

In the United States, where the Graco Ultra QuickShot has been available for a few months, contractors and tradies are already raving about it:

  • “This is the sprayer I grab for every small job because everything with this unit is fast - it saves me time and money!” Mark Sunblad, Owner, Final Touch

  • “It's like having the power of an airless but with the control of an HVLP.” Jose Hernandez, Partner / Painter, Illusions Painting

  • “You can start quicker. You can finish quicker. It's a lot easier to clean up.” Jason Gonzalez, Owner, We Paint & Renovate

Get your paint sprayer from PaintAccess

The great news is that this amazing little unit is available to pre-order right now at PaintAccess. Along with stocking a full range of Graco genuine parts and accessories, PaintAccess will be one of the first paint equipment retailers to get Graco Ultra QuickShot stock. That means you can get one before anyone else, and get the edge over your competitors.

The Ultra QuickShot can be pre-ordered from PaintAccess now ahead of its Australian release in June. If you want to get your pre-order in, contact the PaintAccess team, get yours as soon as they go on sale, and be the envy of every painting tradie in your area.

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