History of Bunnings 

Bunnings Group, trading as Bunnings Warehouse, is an Australian household hardware chain.The chain has been owned by Wesfarmers since 1994, and has stores in Australia and New Zealand.


Bunnings was founded in Perth, Western Australia in 1886, by two brothers who had immigrated from England. Initially, a limited company focused on sawmilling, it became a public company in 1952 and subsequently expanded into the retail sector, purchasing several hardware stores. Bunnings began to expand into other states in the 1990s and opened its first warehouse-style store in Melbourne in 1994. The chain currently has 295 stores and over 30,000 employees.


Bunnings has a market share of around 50 percent in the Australian DIY hardware market, with competing chains including Home Timber & Hardware, Mitre 10 and various independent retailers.


Bunnings is not just about hardware - it also runs community events outside or in its stores, including sausage sizzles and do it yourself workshops. 

Features of Bunnings Warehouse

Great customer service 

One of the things that sets Bunnings apart from its competitors is the great customer service. No matter what you’re looking for or what questions you may have, a Bunnings team members is always willing to help. They provide useful advice based on their experience have a high level of expertise about their product range. In fact, when you walk into Bunnings, one of the first things you see is a board of the team members and their area of expertise, so you know who to look out for.

Paint range located centrally 

One of the features common to most Bunnings stores is that the paint section is located in the centre of the store and is one of the first things you see when walking in. This layout makes sense considering that paint is one of Bunnings’ best selling products.

Popular brands of paint 

At Bunnings, the biggest and most popular brand names are Taubmans, Dulux, and British Paints. There are smaller brands too, many of which are owned by Dulux Group. Overall, Dulux is the most well known brand and Bunnings’ bestseller, while Taubmans and British Paints are roughly equal. 

Bestselling Bunnings Paints 

Bunnings’ wide range of quality paints includes Interior paints, Exterior paints, Metal paint, and Spray paint. The wide range of paint types are suitable for every job and every budget. 

Water and oil based paints 

Bunnings stocks a range of water and oil based paints. Water based paints are never as shiny as oil based paints, so customers will choose their type of paint depending on the level of shinyness they’re looking for. Shiny based paints also exaggerate any dents or defects in the surface more than water-based. Matte or low sheen paints are better at hiding defects, however they are less washable. Low-sheen paints are a popular compromise between the two. If you choose low-sheen and then later decide that it’s too shiny, you can also apply a coat of matte paint in the same colour to reduce the shinyness.

Ultimate enamel paints 

Ultimate enamel paints are chemically similar to oil-based paints but are an alkide base. It has more odour than the water-based paints but isn’t overwhelmingly pungent. It usually takes four hours to dry between coats whilst oil based paints will take 14-16 hours. 

British Paints Paint & Prime 

The British Paints Paint & Prime is a water based paint and primer all in one. It is more opaque and can over dark colours in just two coats. It can also be used on bare surfaces without a dedicated primer. Without primer, paint does not bond well and can be easily chipped or scraped off. 

The more you buy, the more you save 

When buying Bunnings paint, you can get the best value by buying more. It is more economical to buy a larger can of paint rather than multiple smaller ones. The best way to ensure you are buying the correct amount of paint is to do your measurements before buying. If you’re in doubt, it’s better to buy a larger size. It’s also important to account for paint wastage on the brush or roller.

Advanced colour matching 

Bunnings utilizes the Taubmans Colour Smith system which allows you to scan a colour and find its closest existing match. If you’re unsure about a colour, you can even get a sample pot and use to get a sense of how the colour looks and feels in your home. 


Custom mixed paint 

Once you’ve selected the colour and base paint, Bunnings will mix your paint to your specifications using a paint mixer and shaker. This process allows you to rest assured that you’ll be receiving the shade you’re looking for.

Masking tape range 

Masking tape is an essential tool in all painters’ arsenals. Masking tape allows you to mask off the areas you don’t want to repaint and then remove it once the painting is complete. It’s important for the tape to have a clean removal, without any glue or other residue. At Bunnings, masking tapes are priced according to how long they are guaranteed for clean removal. A tape that is suitable for a longer period of time will be more expensive than one that is suited for a shorter time. The type of masking tape you select will depend on how long the job will take you.

Low VOC 

Bunnings’ range of paints is low VOC and low odour. VOCs can irritate your breathing and cause headaches and allergic reactions whilst also emitting harmful ozone into the atmosphere. High VOC paints are very pungent and can take at least a week for the smell to start to dissipate. Low VOC paints are better for both the environment and your health. Bunnings’ water based range are the lowest in VOCs and odour when compared to the oil-based paints. 

Different roller sleeves for Low VOC paint 

Synthetic roller sleeves will usually produce a more uniform film thickness and a more consistent finish, when low VOC paints are being applied. They deliver a smoother, more uniform appearance with little or no evidence of lapping or blending problems.

On the other hand, lambswool roller sleeves generally deposit a lower and less uniform film thickness with more surface texture that scatters the light in more irregular ways. A lower film thickness means that less product is being applied which can further shorten the drying time and lessen the “wet-edge” of the painted surface.

Paint Sprayers range 

Bunnings also sells a  range of paint sprayers from brands such as Titan, Wagner, Ozitzo and more. They stock a range of paint sprayers suitable for small jobs to larger commercial or residential jobs. 

Value paint

Bunnings also provides a range of cheaper paints for value-conscious customers who just want to get the job done. The Spring range of paints comes in a variety of sheens and glosses for all your interior painting needs. If you’re on a tight budget or you have a job that doesn’t require a perfect finish, this paint range is a good option for you.