The story of Haymes 

Haymes Paint is Australia’s largest independently owned manufacturer of exterior and interior paints. They have hundreds of paint stores around Australia. The story of Haymes began in 1890 when Thomas Jefferson Haymes opened a painting contracting business and hardware store in Ballarat, Victoria. In 1935, his son, Henry Haymes, registered his own company and named it Henry Haymes PTY LTD. After Henry Haymes’ passing in 1955, his son, David Haymes, joined the company in 1967. Six years later, he took over the position of Managing Director. 


In 1986, Haymes became the major paint supplier of the national trust. 2004 marked Haymes going green. An award winning recycling and water-saving initiative was implemented in the manufacturing plant, allowing for Haymes to introduce new low odour, low VOC paints. In 2015, Haymes celebrated its 80th year of operation.

After all these years, Haymes has remained an Australian made and family run business available in over 300 independent paint retailers. Haymes Paint announced the passing of its founder, David Henry Haymes, in June 2021. Haymes continues his legacy with a focus on quality paint and quality service.

Best price guarantee

To ensure that their customers are getting the best value for the best products, Haymes introduced a best price guarantee. If customers find a Haymes product elsewhere for a cheaper price, Haymes will beat it! This way, customers know that they are always getting the best value for their money when shopping with Haymes.

Haymes’ bestselling interior and exterior paint range 


Haymes’ Ultratrim features all the benefits of a water-based enamel. With excellent durability, non-chipping and non-yellowing, Ultratrim looks better for longer. Its water based formula also makes it very easy to apply. With fast drying and easy wash up, using Ultratrim is effortless. Haymes has also ensured that Ultratrim can be easily tinted to whatever colour you choose. Available in high gloss and semi-gloss, Ultratrim is ideal for interior and exterior surfaces including aluminimum, timber, and trim work.


Ultracover is a three in one primer, sealer, and undercoat. It is low VOC, easy to use, and quick drying with excellent filling and sanding properties. It is also blister resistant and is able to be top coated with either water or oil based paints with the convenience of water wash up.


Another of Haymes’ quality water-based products is the Ultra Premium Prepcoat Ultraseal suitable for both interior and exterior applications. It is fast drying and ideal for broad wall applications such as sealing new plasterboard. Its low VOC formula ensures that there are no fumes or odours. It also provides excellent coverage with fantastic sanding properties.

Elite Range

Haymes Elite range is impressively 99% VOC free. It is ideal for use on interior walls and exterior sheltered surfaces. Elite interior is highly durable and hard wearing, which makes it perfect for high-traffic areas or areas that tend to get dirty. Its easy to clean formula means that you can easily wipe away any stains without damaging the paint. Haymes’ Elite range includes paints suitable for walls, ceilings, and trims.


Haymes NewLife range of interior paints are water-based and available in a range of finishes, ideal for all your interior painting needs. NewLife Ceiling paint helps to hide imperfections and provide a uniform finish. NewLife also has a Enamel which provides a tough protective coat for many applications including trims, doors, windows, and more. NewLife Sealer Undercoat is a premium water-based interior sealer designed to provide great coverage and preparation for the finishing topcoat.

Artisan range 

Haymes’ Artisan range helps to bring out the artist in everyone. Its paints are available in a range of unique shades which can transform any space. Some shades in the Artisan range, including the Iron and Copper paints, contain actual flakes of iron and copper. The Artisan range also includes a specialised Oxidant which reacts with the Artisan collection paints to create rusted iron or copper finish.

Exterior paints 

Looking for exterior paints which can protect your home from tough weather conditions? Haymes’ exterior paints range is the solution. Starting off with Solashield, an exterior paint guaranteed to protect against UV rays. Its water based colourant system is durable and keeps your colours looking vibrant for longer, no matter the weather. It is also resistant to mould growth and is simple to apply either by brush, roller, or paint sprayer.

Colour range

Available Haymes colour palettes

  • Natural series
  • Whites 
  • Neutrals 
  • Browns 
  • Yellows 
  • Oranges
  • Reds
  • Pinks
  • Purples
  • Blues
  • Teals
  • Greens
  • Black/Greys
  • Unearthed
  • Pastel Vogue 
  • Australian Standards


Colour visualiser

Haymes also offers a colour visualising service which gives you an idea of what a particular shade of paint will look like in your home. All you have to do is provide an original photo of your house, and Haymes’ colour experts will edit it with your chosen colour palette.


Colour consultation services 

Not sure what colour to go for and need a professional opinion? Haymes’ colour consultation services have you covered. After all, choosing the right colour can be a tricky experience. Haymes’ Colour Consultants have years of experience selecting the right colours for any kind of project. Haymes offers you the choice of online or in-home colour consultations, starting from just $120.

Texture finishes

At Haymes, it’s not just about paint. They also have a wide range of texture finishes suitable for a range of substrates. The texture finishes utilise a number of aggregates such as sand, quarts and marble across a number of grit sizes. The range is the ideal solution for long lasting coatings for residential, commercial and industrial applications. 


It’s important to protect your metal surfaces from corrosion and rust. With RustLock, this is easier than ever. RustLock features a Cross-Linkable-Acryclic Technology, forming a tight network that resists the penetration of water. It also features an anti-corrosive primer which protects against corrosion on sheet metal, castings, wrought iron, and steelwork. RustLock is backed with a 7 year guarantee.

Timber finishes 

Haymes isn’t just for paint. In fact, it has an excellent range of woodcare products designed to protect and enhance a wide range of natural timbers. They have been providing quality timber finishes for over 70 years. Initially, Haymes provided products to French polishers and the furniture industry, before expanding to a wide range of timber finishes. Haymes provides products for preparation, exterior, interior flooring, and interior stains, for all your woodcare needs. Their range of timber preparation products clean and restore timber in preparation for coating. Their Woodcare Wood Putty allows you to fill imperfections in the timber before coating.


Speciality products

Haymes has a wide range of speciality products for all your painting purposes. Peel Away is a revolutionary product which allows you to peel away multiple layers of paint in just one application. If you’re ready to revamp your interiors and give your home a fresh coat of paint, Peel Away is the easiest solution to remove the old layers. Peel Away can remove up to 30 layers of paint in just one application. After you use Peel Away, Haymes’ Peel Away Neutralizer is used to neutralize alkaline residues left behind on the surface.

Another bestselling Haymes speciality product is QuickPave. QuickPave is a long lasting and quick drying interior and exterior water based paint which is highly resistant to oil and can be used on bare or previously painted concrete surfaces. 

Coatings range 

Protective coatings of all types can be found at Haymes. Their anti-graffiti range allows you to coat external surfaces and protect against graffiti. They can also be used to remove previously existing graffiti on masonry surfaces. Haymes also provides a range of non-slip additives to reduce the tendency of concrete surfaces to become slippery when wet.

Concrete and Paving 

Whether you’re looking to renovate a path, driveway, workshop floor, or entertaining area, Haymes’ Concrete and Paving range has the solution for you. Their range of coatings effectively repel dirt and help to enhance the value of your home. Haymes’ concrete and paving range includes paving paint, concrete sealer, and preparation and additive products.

Paint calculator 

Haymes’ paint calculator helps you to estimate how much paint will be required for a particular job. Depending on your needs, you can determine a basic calculation or a more detailed estimate. Using a paint calculator helps to ensure that you buy the correct amount of paint without coming up too short or having paint go to waste. Haymes’ paint calculator allows you to enter the dimensions of your room and how many coats you require to calculate an estimate of the litres of paint required.

EcoCare range

Haymes EcoCare range is specifically designed to provide an environmentally solution to cleaning up after paint jobs. The EcoCare Wash System is a wash-up and treatment system which allows you to capture and treat the water from cleaning paint equipment. The EcoCare Wash System can be used in conjunction with EcoCare Treatment Powder which is compatible for use with most water-based paints. For cleaning your brushes and rollers, EcoCare Brush and Roller Cleaner and Conditioner is a environmentally friendly, non-toxic solution. It allows for quick and simple clean-up or reconditioning of brushes and rollers.

EcoCare Wash System

Haymes preferred painters 

Once you’re stocked up with all the paints you need for your project, you might be looking for a professional painter to get the job done. To help you through this process, Haymes provides a list of quality painters to handle every aspect of the job, from preparation to clean-up. By submitting a form with your information and details of the job, Haymes will match you with available painters in your area.

Other Haymes services 

Gear hire 

Hiring gear is a cost effective solution to buying if you only need it for a one-off job. With Haymes, you can choose from a wide range of professional gear including wallpaper steamers, sanders, airless paint sprayers, and compressors. 

Brush Up Blog

Haymes has its very own blog which contains all the latest colour trends, DIY projects and home inspiration styles.

DIY Know How 

Haymes range of DIY Know How teaches you all the main skills you need for DIY projects. Visit their DIY Know How for all their expert tips and tricks for your home renovation needs!

Reward program 

Haymes rewards customers for shopping with them through their Reward program. With a Reward Me loyalty card, customers can receive exclusive discounts, competitions and events, member samples, and plenty of other great benefits. They’ll also be the first to receive exclusive deals on Haymes’ newest products.

Haymes distribution model 

With Haymes’ distribution model, their products are easily available wherever and whenever you need them. Haymes paint supplies its branded stores originating in Melbourne. Haymes also has a store located in Sydney. The great news is: PaintAccess is now happy to offer a wide range of Haymes products in stock now. Currently, we offer a selection of Haymes’ best interior and exterior paints available for your convenience. Please contact us for the trade price of our Haymes products. All our retail prices are set by Haymes’ price structure. Haymes distribution model is still growing, and we’re happy to be partnering with them to provide an online ordering system just like Menulog but for paint. Once someone orders paint, PaintAccess ships directly from the closest store to the client. If you have any questions or just want some advice, feel free to give us a call at any time.