"Tricleanium is an ultra concentrated cleaner which means that you’ll get your cleaning task done quickly and with less effort than other leading cleaners on the market."

It's a big claim but it's one tradies have come to believe when it comes to Tricleanium. Professional painters, in particular, are great believers in the cleaning power of Tricleanium for a wide range of cleaning tasks. Tricleanium has now achieved cult status as a bit of a trade secret.


What is the Tricleanium story? triclenium story

Unlike a lot of cleaning products made by large companies with brands, Tricleanium the product is made by Tricleanium the company. Established in 1954, Tricleanium has been making a range of products under the Tricleanium banner ever since, which now includes:

Family owned and operated, Tricleanium has since become the cleaning product of choice for professional cleaners and painters. Tricleanium is available from major hardware retailers like Bunnings and Mitre 10 and from specialist paint and paint equipment retailers like PaintAccess.


What is Tricleanium good for?

Tricleanium was originally developed as a kitchen cleaner, designed for cleaning ovens, over trays and racks, range hood filters, and tile grout. But professional tradies soon discovered it was also good for tackling particularly difficult cleaning jobs, a great alternative to sugar soap for use on walls before painting, and an all-purpose cleaner for tools and equipment. Professional cleaners, in particular, have added Tricleanium to their arsenal of tools and cleaning products as an effective surface cleaner and as a safe and effective all-purpose cleaner.

As an ultra-concentrated formula, Tricleanium is a great alternative to traditional cleaning products. Just 1kg of Tricleanium concentrate makes 100 litres of cleaning product, based on dilution ratios suggested on the packaging. That means hours of cleaning and hundreds of cleaning tasks before you need to order another tub of Tricleanium.

Tricleanium is great for removing kitchen grease and smoke stains from walls, cleaning ovens and oven trays, cleaning concrete walls and concrete tiles, cleaning and surface preparation for walls that need to be painted, gently cleaning laminated surfaces, and a wide range of other commercial, industrial and domestic cleaning purposes. It works well on a wide range of surfaces, from mouldy bathroom tiles to tough grease stains on concrete garage floors.

It is a particularly effective stain remover, used to tackle tough stains including pet stains and oil stains that would normally require hard work and elbow grease. Instead, a small amount of Tricleanium in hot water is enough to make previously stained surfaces sparkle.


What are the ingredients of Tricleanium?


Tricleanium's All Purpose Cleaner is sold as a white crystalline powder. Its primary ingredient is Trisodium phosphate, from which it gets its name.  Tricleanium provides a clear material safety data sheet (MSDS) that outlines the composition of Tricleanium and some of the potential risks of consumption or exposure.

Tricleanium ultra concentrated cleaner is a concentrated cleaning product and users should be careful to dilute it and use it properly. Safety gear is always a good idea and ensures Tricleanium and other cleaning chemicals remain safe and effective cleaning products.


What are people saying about Tricleanium?

Here are a couple of customer reviews from PaintAccess customers:

"Absolutely my favourite cleaning tool; has been for years" - John, Cabramatta NSW

"Easy to use, and can be used on almost anything" - Felicity, Toorak VIC

"Bit of an old-school cleaning method, but some Tricleanium in a bucket of hot tap water and you've got an effective agent for cleaning" - Stephen, Windsor NSW

"A little bit of concentrate is a great way to clean a washing machine, and the diluted solution is awesome for cleaning exhaust fans. Definitely part of my cleaning kit now" - Beth, Fremantle WA


Frequently asked questions

Is Tricleanium the same as sugar soap?

They are similar products, but there are a few differences. Most sugar soap variants contain an alkali substance (sodium carbonate or alkaline salts), an abrasive substance, an organic solvent, and water. They are often used for similar cleaning jobs

Is Tricleanium good for cleaning grout?

Yes, it's great for cleaning grout and tile surfaces which is especially good if you want to paint tiles. Here is a helpful blog post about preparing and painting tiles - How to paint tiles.

Does Tricleanium strip paint?

Tricleanium All Purpose Cleaner is designed to clean, not strip paint. Tricleanium Paint & Varnish Stripping Gel is designed to strip paint and customers have reported great results.

Does Tricleanium clean mould?

While Tricleanium is particularly good at cutting through grease and grime, it can also make light work of mould and mildew without leaving surfaces damp.

Can I use Tricleanium on marble?

Yes. Tricleanium can be used on a wide range of surfaces including brick, concrete, tiles, stone, and marble.