What’s new in the new evolution of 2017 Handheld Sprayers?

Graco has developed the new line of Graco Ultra handheld sprayers which is already out in the market. Like all painters, if you are on the look out for the best tools of trades for your job, the new range from Graco features several new versions for you to try out.

The new generation of the Graco is labeled at “Graco Ultra”, and comes with 3 new models: Ultra Corded, Ultra Cordless and the UltraMax Cordless which is designed to spray solvent and flammable based materials.

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The improvement from the past

The Graco Ultra airless handheld sprayers have the most impactful changes from the past where the handheld sprayers only worked with special tips and housings that were only exclusive to them and not interchangeable with other airless guns. Now they’ve been changed. Let’s have a closer look!

Fine Finish Low Pressure Tips FFLP

All Graco Ultra and UltraMax have full performance with the new tip called RAC X FFLP Tips which is compatible with all Graco airless sprayers, including the handhelds and larger sprayers. The new handheld sprayers are supported with a 514 tip and are capable of running at full range tip from .008 to .016 orifice sizes. The Ultra Max unit also comes with a 514 tip and a 210 tip. FFLP tips are improved on the previous RAC X Fine Finish reversible tips by giving the perfect finish and size preferences at a much lower pressure setting, which results in a softer and tighter fan pattern, less overspray with more efficient material usage.

RAC X FF LP Tips Paintaccess

Flex Liner Bag system

The new cup style has been developed in these new Graco Ultra and UltraMax airless handheld sprayers to help you work on spraying multi-directional and even upside down. There is no longer a down tube into the cup, but instead there is a simple 60 mesh filter at the inlet, which is removable.

At the bottom cup, there is no longer solid plastic. The new look is a mold plastic housing with disposable soft plastic cup “flex liner” inside. The Flex liner hold the paint and you can see through it and it is part of the priming process to pressurize the sprayer.
At the top of the cup housing, there is a small “vacu-valve” that you can remove any air from inside the cup while squeezing the flex liner softly, and then the flex liner collapses to keep fitting the shape of the fluid inside it.

The Graco Ultra Corded and Ultra Cordless come with 4 liners, and the UltraMax comes with 6.

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The biggest improvement with the Graco Ultra airless handheld sprayers is the battery. The previous versions ran on batteries that were overweight, too short lived and exclusive to Graco brand which is limited to purchase at only paint stores or online.

The Graco Ultra Cordless series are now powered by a compact DEWALT 20V lithium ion battery that support the power needs of the sprayer extremely well.

The Graco Ultra Cordless paint sprayer comes with two of these batteries and a charger.

The Cordless models spray up to 1 gallon (3.78 liter) with each charge. Also, it works with any DEWALT 20V Lithium Ion battery!!

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The new Graco Ultra paint sprayers series has no longer a prime lever to flip up and down. You can set the speed of the motor by the ProControl II pressure controller that is now located at the back of the sprayer handle near the battery. You can easily adjust motor speed and flow for control of thin and thick materials.

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Triax Triple Piston Pump with ProConnect

The new units have no check valve and there is also an automatic outlet ball knocker so that there is no stuck components in a machine.

The Triax triple piston version made of durable stainless steel and carbide components bonded with a high strength polymer for the most durable, lightest weight pump. Also, it has the current ProConnect enabling quick swap out right on the job resulting in less downtime by not having to take it in for repair.

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The Graco Ultra paint sprayer series comes ready to use with everything* you need to get spraying

  • RAC X FF LP 210 Tip

  • RAC X FF LP 514 Tip

  • 2 - DEWALT 20V-Max Compact Lithium Ion Batteries

  • DEWALT 20V-Max Lithium Ion Battery Charger

  • 6 - 32 oz FlexLiner Bags

  • Durable Storage Bag

  • 4 oz Bottle of Pump Armor Storage Fluid

*This pack is based on the American Pack that contains these items, Australian packs have not been confirmed yet.

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The Graco Ultra airless sprayers series is the critical improvement from the last models in that they are designed to be more convenient, invaluable for small projects, proven by pros to be the fastest way to finish every small job, and the world’s most advanced handheld paint sprayer.

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