BorisDoes is an exciting, brand-new Australian service marketplace entering the market. It operates on a similar basis to Airtasker but with no limitations. You may be wondering, “What’s so great about BorisDoes? Why should I register?” Well, we’re here to answer your questions! Here are just a few of the quality features that make BorisDoes user friendly and help it stand out from its competitors. 

Easily connect with clients in your area 

New tasks are constantly being posted to BorisDoes so it’s never been easier to find a task that suits you. Simply browse tasks by selecting categories you are interested in! 

Safe payments 

Before a task is conducted, the agreed payment for the task is set aside on the BorisDoes platform. This ensures that the tasker will receive the payment upon successful completion of the task. 

Ability to discuss with client before task acceptance 

Sometimes, you might want more information about a task before you choose to accept it. This is why BorisDoes allows you to discuss task details in a chat with a customer before accepting a task to make sure that it is the right one for you.

Earn passive income easily with affiliate program 

Completing tasks is not the only way to earn money on BorisDoes. You can also take part in the affiliate program and earn passive income in just a few clicks! With every successful referral, you will receive 5% of the task’s total sum. Read more about how the program works here

Qualifications not required!

No qualifications? No worries! There are a wide variety of tasks on offer on BorisDoes and it’s easy to find one which suits your needs. BorisDoes has made it easy for anyone to earn money, no matter their qualifications or previous experience. BorisDoes is made for all Australians!

Benefits for businesses 

  1. Prioritised position in the list of Taskers. With a prioritised position in the Tasker’s list, you’ll never have to worry about getting forgotten at the bottom of the list! Everytime a customer browses the Tasker’s list, they’ll be able to easily spot you - making them more likely to choose you!
  2. Generating quote feature.
  3. Ability to fully display your business name in a profile
  4.  Contact information and social media pages are displayed in your profile;
  5.  A custom landing page (personal site built by BorisDoes automatically)

Sounds pretty good, right? Well, that’s not all! Everyday, BorisDoes is working on new features to benefit businesses. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on these benefits, head over to BorisDoes and register as a business now!