Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to take some time to write on our blog to thank each and every one of our customers and people that have worked with us. Without you, we wouldn't still be here 7 years later (which is an eternity on the internet). 

We never made an official annoucement on our blog, but in May 2016 we revamped our entire website. Your support and feedback were very much appreciated as we strive to continuously improve the customer experience. Please let us know how we can improve or any other inquiries you may have. Email us at trade@paintacces.com.au or call at 02 8064 7050. 

We are very honoured to receive again this reward from Word of Mouth review services. 

As a business with only 5-star reviews in the first quarter of 2017, we ranked in WordofMouth.com.au top 5% of businesses with excellent reviews! 

Thank you to everyone who has reviewed us, they are really priceless for a small business!