Welcome to PaintAccess’ Friday Newsletter for the 15th of January! In this issue, we discuss some of the major events happening around the world, such as the continuing Coronavirus pandemic and the sudden fall of Bitcoin. We also have a big announcement within the painting industry, regarding the new partnership between Tint Paint and Go Industrial. Keep reading to find out more about this exciting new venture!


Coronavirus Pandemic 


The Coronavirus Pandemic continues to plague society, affecting individuals, families, businesses, and everything in between. Although NSW had reached twice reached 14 days with no new local cases of the virus, it is now facing weeks of closed borders with Victoria as unknown cases grow whilst dedicated contact tracers race to identify contacts of new cases. Whilst cases in NSW are staying steadily in the single digits, almost 250,000 new cases are being reported daily in the USA.


 However, a source of light in the dark tunnel that is this pandemic is the news of the coronavirus vaccine, of which 9 million Americans have already received. Hopefully, this vaccine will prove effective at protecting those most at risk. Meanwhile, with Sydney currently under a mandatory mask order and strict social distancing guidelines, people are adjusting well to changes in their usual routines. With everyone abiding by the new guidelines, we hope to see a reduction in local cases of Coronavirus over the coming days and weeks.

Cryptocurrency News: The Bitcoin Rollercoaster


Also making the cryptocurrency news is the Bitcoin “rollercoaster”, as its value seems to be plummeting and then rising, with this pattern repeating itself at an alarming rate. Bitcoin’s previous fall was particularly significant following its rise of more than 300% over the last year, making this steep decline seem particularly sudden in comparison. In light of the Bitcoin rollercoaster, Forbes notes that investing in cryptocurrencies is highly speculative and individuals considering an investment should be prepared to lose their entire fortunes. 


 More recently, news indicates that Bitcoin is on the road to recovery, suggesting that the fall was only short-lived. As of today, the cryptocurrency appears to be regaining its lost value. Needless to say, its value is highly volatile and can change significantly on a day-to-day basis. Meanwhile, computer programmer Stefan Thomas of San Francisco has seemingly “accepted his fate” after losing the password that would allow him access to his $220 million Bitcoin fortune. His fortune is supposedly protected on a harddrive that will erase itself after 10 password attempts. After 8 incorrect attempts, Thomas describes the unfortunate event as a ‘milestone’ in which he “redefines his self-worth” as not about how much money he has in his bank account. After the Bitcoin rollercoaster and Stefan Thomas’ misfortune, it is safe to say that the world will be watching to see what is in store next for the company.


Exciting News in the Painting Industry 


New Partnership Between Tint and Go Industrial 


With plenty of news-worthy events happening worldwide, the painting industry also brings some significant news. We won’t keep you in suspense - we’re talking about the new partnership between the two companies Tint Paint and Go Industrial. Both companies are known for their premium products within the paint industry. Go Industrial has discussed this partnership very positively, heralding the joining of the two companies as “The perfect match”. According to Go Industrial, they are tired of the lack of care and attention showed to their valued contractors by major paint channels. They propose that Tint - Aussie owned, independent and expert - is the perfect solution to this issue. Whilst Go Industrial focuses on paint applicators, Tint focuses on the paint itself. Go Industrial concludes that this partnership is a ‘win-win’ situation in which customers continue to receive top quality products directly to their door.


 What do you think of this partnership? Will you be looking forward to finding out what the future holds for this new partnership between Tint and Go Industrial? It is refreshing to see two different companies embracing each other’s strengths and working together to achieve a common goal for the benefit of their customers. We know that we will be watching it with great interest to see how the two companies work together and what they may be able to bring to the painting industry.