As the old saying goes, “you asked; we listened”. 

Our customers, tradie friends, and social media followers all told us that they liked the idea of being able to use professional-grade equipment even if they couldn’t justify buying it outright. We totally understand - professional painters with large teams might have 2 or 3 airless paint sprayers and might have a ute full of scaffolding. But sole traders, small businesses, and DIY painters just don’t need that sort of equipment all the time, and have nowhere to store it when they aren’t using it. 

So PaintAccess has decided to offer equipment for hire. That means you can get the best professional-grade equipment to use for your business or DIY projects, and pay a fraction of the price of buying new equipment. 

And the best part is you don’t have to store it; you can clean it and hand it back after a day, 3 days, or a week.

We’re starting with airless paint sprayers.

One of our most popular retail products, Graco’s airless paint sprayer range, is now available for hire. If you’re a regular on building sites around Sydney you’re probably familiar with the blue frame, buzz and hiss of Graco’s airless sprayers. They are a market leader and we consistently get great feedback about them from tradies and painting businesses.

So those are the first items available for hire. To make things easy, we’re offering 2 different machines for two different categories of work:

  1. Medium to large DIY projects and new home builds

For a medium-to-large job you’ll need the Graco Ultra 390PC Electric Airless Sprayer, available from $150 per day. You can hire the Graco Ultra 390PC Electric Airless Sprayer for 3 days for just $400 (saving you $50). For $1050 you can hire the Graco Ultra 390PC Electric Airless Sprayer for 7 days (saving you $100), which is especially helpful if you need to complete every room in a new house.

  1. Large new builds, shopping centres, roof restorations and repaints

The biggest projects require tools like the Graco Ultra Max II 695 Electric Airless Sprayer, available from $250 per day. As with other sprayer hire options, this item can be delivered. Like the medium-size option, you can hire the Graco Ultra Max II 695 Electric Airless Sprayer for 3 days for $700 (saving you $50). But we understand that large, commercial projects aren’t quick, so you can hire the Graco Ultra Max II 695 Electric Airless Sprayer for a week for $1650 (saving you $100).


What else can I hire? 

We’ve started with airless paint sprayers following feedback from customers and industry colleagues, but we’ll soon be adding a range of other equipment. At the top of the list is scaffolding equipment so that tradies and DIY customers can get the added height they need to finish their projects. 

If you have a particular product you’ve always wanted to hire, let us know. This idea came about because of feedback from our valuable customers. And we value your ideas too.

You’re advertising the total hire price online? 

Absolutely. In addition to telling us they wanted to be able to hire equipment, our tradie and DIY customers told us they were frustrated at trying to hire equipment without knowing the full price. Our prices are up-front and on our website. And we think that will be a game-changer for the industry. 

At the moment we can claim to be one of a small number of equipment hire businesses that are upfront about our costs. But we reckon it won’t be long before others follow suit.

Where can I hire from? 

All of our equipment for hire can be booked online and each has a delivery option. Or you can swing past either of our PaintAccess retail locations:

Feel free to call our helpful team members on (02) 8064 7050, or you can email us at


Anything else I need to know?

Of course we have some fairly standard Terms and Conditions: 

  • All hired equipment is to be used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, and PaintAccess safety and use instructions.
  • All hired equipment must be cleaned in accordance with the instructions provided by PaintAccess, including the application of Pump Armour (supplied).
  • All hired equipment must be returned in condition consistent with its condition upon hiring / delivery.
  • Failure to comply with any of the above conditions may result in an additional charge of $100 for cleaning and servicing.

Every paint sprayer is designed for a specific application - please carefully read the description and instructions associated with each. Discovery of unsuitable materials inside a hired sprayer may result in additional fees for repair or replacement.

Can this help my new small business? 

Yes, definitely. When you’re first establishing a small business it’s important to reduce costs while providing high-quality service. That way you’ll develop word of mouth business and start to grow your profits, meaning you’ll soon be able to buy equipment of your own. 

A great way to generate initial business is by advertising your services on BorisDoes, a uniquely Australian tasker platform. Register your business, tell customers what you can do, assure them you have all the gear you need (knowing you can hire it from PaintAccess), and start completing tasks for customers right away. 

Best of all, BorisDoes is a great way to grow your business because it’s free! That’s right, it’s free to join, free to advertise, and free to complete tasks (BorisDoes charges no commissions). 

Head to today!