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Like every week the PaintAccess team have good news for all of you. The super powerful iQuip dehumidifier featuring an automatic condensate pump has landed on our one-stop-online shop so, do not miss your chance to get this great offer!


Painting a room, house or industrial premises might become a real challenge and can easily turn to frustration as after applying the paint the waiting game begins. It is not a secret that room temperature and climate can affect the quality and even the result of the painting process. This is when the industrial iQuip dehumidifier will come to the rescue.


It will help to prepare the premises for paint application

Too much moisture in the air might be the reason for “bubbly” walls after painting and at times, causing the paint to crack, resulting in a possible repaint. The IQuip dehumidifier will prepare the area and control the climate so you can get a perfect result.


It can become a great help dealing with floods

Floods are common accidents and without the right gear they might become a tough challenge. A dehumidifier may help to reduce moisture and prevent premises from mould growth.

You can get the iQuip dehumidifier at our PaintAccess online shop now.


Benefits of an iQuip dehumidifier with automatic condensate pump:

    • Solve your paint drying issues, speed up drying times
    • Removes up to 90 litres of moisture per day
    • Drainage water pipe for continuous moisture drainage
    • Mobile unit on easy roll wheels
    • Sturdy powder coated steel casing
    • Digital controls with timer setting and humidity target setting


    • Weight - 48kg
    • Power - 1200w
    • Airflow volume - 1000m3/hour