GRACO G-Force II 4240 HA-DD 4200 PSI Pressure Washer

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GRACO G-Force II 4240 HA-DD 4200 PSI Pressure Washer 25N641

The Engine

Commercial-grade Kohler Engine vs lower quality, off-brand engines

  • Brand name manufacturers in the business of building great engines versus
  • Proven reputation for quality and ongoing support and service

The Frame

Lighter frames are easier to handle

  • Aluminium frame - a standard Graco feature that's lightweight, resistant to rust, and easy to move around the job site versus
  • Steel frame - heavy, harder to move and load in the truck

Look for durability in the axle to ensure the frame remains constant and square:

  • Professional-grade 19mm axles versus smaller 16mm axles on lower quality models

The Water Pump

Professional-grade Triplex plunger pumps vs. consumer-grade Axial pumps

  • AR, GP and CAT pumps versus lower quality, off-brand pumps
  • Forged Brass Manifold (on all Graco pumps), reduces heat to extend life versus stainless steel caps and manifold
  • Good, Better, Best options quality, serviceability and life of the pumps

The Pressure Unloader

Letting the motor run while not spraying can build up pressure and excess heat in the system, causing the pressure washer to overheat and shut down. The pressure unloader prevents overheating and prolongs the life of your sprayer.

Adjustable pressure unloaders, a standard Graco feature, versus fixed unloaders allow you to vary the pressure based on the application.

  • Integrated - ideal for jobs with constant spraying while the motor is running
  • External - ideal for longer jobs with lots of stops and starts. Allow water to run cooler for greater protection against overheating

Further Product Information: 

GRACO G-Force II brochure 

Technical Specifications

 Part Number

Category Large Residential / Commercial
Weekly Usage 20-30 hours per week
Pressure PSI 4200
Flow LPM 15
Cleaning Units (psi x gpm) 16800
Frame Aluminium
Weight (kg) 46
Water Pump AR, Triplex Plunger Pump
Unloader Type EZ Start, Adjustable Pressure Integrated into pump
Engine Honda GX390
Hose Assembly 0.95cm (3/8") x 15m (50 ft), non-marking w/Quick Connects
Gun/Wand Assembly Professional Grade Gun, 91cm (36") with Quick Connect Fittings
Chemical Injector Integrated, Kit Included

3.7 Orifice
0° Red - 805591
15° Yellow - 805592
25° Green - 805593
Black - Chemical 
Injector - 805634

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