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Basic Package | video for tradies (for Facebook, TikTok, YouTube) - filmed on site Basic Package | video for tradies (for Facebook, TikTok, YouTube) - filmed on site
Essentials Package | video for tradies (for Facebook, TikTok, YouTube) - filmed on site + cover photos Essentials Package | video for tradies (for Facebook, TikTok, YouTube) - filmed on site + cover photos
Premium Package | video for tradies (for Facebook, TikTok, YouTube) - filmed on site + cover photos + 5 min YT video Premium Package | video for tradies (for Facebook, TikTok, YouTube) - filmed on site + cover photos + 5 min YT video
Ultimate Package | video for tradies (for Facebook, TikTok, YouTube) - filmed on site + cover photos + 5 min YT video + logo animation Ultimate Package | video for tradies (for Facebook, TikTok, YouTube) - filmed on site + cover photos + 5 min YT video + logo animation
A website with built-in quoting and invoicing system for tradies A website with built-in quoting and invoicing system for tradies
PaintAccess Phone Chest Holder PaintAccess Phone Chest Holder


PaintAccess x BorisDoes: marketing for tradies

One of Australia’s first online paint retailers, PaintAccess, has teamed up with trades marketplace BorisDoes to deliver a range of new marketing tools for tradie businesses. From dedicated websites with intuitive business functionality to video production to promote your business on social media. This team-up has everything your business needs to succeed. 

Who are they?

For many tradies, PaintAccess and BorisDoes and well-known brands that they have trusted for years. But for the uninitiated, who are PaintAccess and BorisDoes?

PaintAccess is one of Australia’s first online paint and paint accessories retailers; a highly successful Australian business located in Sydney, Australia, with a huge customer base. PaintAccess was established by former tradie Daniel Dorofeev, who understands the challenges of running a tradie business. Having established a strong online and social media presence, PaintAccess recently launched a range of social media marketing services for tradies. 

BorisDoes is an online task marketplace designed to connect tradies and their small businesses directly with customers. Customers can request quotes, post tasks for completion, and review the services provided by tradies and other businesses. BorisDoes has recently launched its comprehensive business solution, including dedicated business websites, quoting and invoicing functionality, and a dedicated customer relationship management (CRM) system. 

Combined, PaintAccess and BorisDoes are in a position to offer a unique combination of assistance and advice for trades businesses, effective business solutions, and a wide range of marketing tools to help you grow your business.

What is the best marketing strategy for tradies?

Many larger businesses can afford to engage high-end marketing firms to develop branding and marketing strategies and to promote their business and business projects. But small businesses usually have small marketing budgets and many rely on organic promotion and word of mouth to get more business. 

The most effective marketing strategy for trades businesses is one that leverages their existing market position, customer goodwill, reputation, and branding. The more people understand about your business, the easier it is to engage with them and convert them into customers. Makes sense, right? 

So what if there was a way to promote your business with effective marketing tools, manage your business with an intuitive business solution, and combine your existing marketing and social media efforts to grow your business online and offline?

PaintAccess x BorisDoes marketing tools do exactly that - we help you turn your existing branding into a dynamic website for your business with a range of business management tools. Those include the ability for customers to request quotes directly from your website, the ability for you to generate quotes and invoices, and capacity to manage customer relationships all in one place.

Why choose PaintAccess x BorisDoes?

PaintAccess x BorisDoes brings together two unique businesses and a range of unique services and tools. That combination of features is what sets this collaboration apart from other product and service offerings available to tradies. 

  • Plenty of marketing companies manage effective campaigns, but few have specific experience in the trades space producing marketing for tradies. 
  • Plenty of companies have a great social media presence, but few understand the best way to produce social media marketing for tradies. 
  • Plenty of digital services companies produce business solutions that allow you to manage quoting and invoicing, but few of those systems are designed specifically for tradies. 
  • Plenty of companies can produce advertising for tradies, but don’t understand the best ways to integrate that advertising with social media presence and tradie websites. 

The PaintAccess x BorisDoes collaboration comes from an understanding that there are many great service providers and business solutions out there, but none that include everything a tradie needs, and none that were designed by tradies, for tradies. 

What digital marketing services do we offer?

The PaintAccess x BorisDoes collaboration includes a range of different service offerings to help you grow your business:

  1. Search engine optimised (SEO) websites for tradies with built-in quoting and invoicing

Our website builder service allows you to turn the key selling points of your business into a website that attracts visitors, converts visitors into customers, and helps you to manage your customers. Customers can request quotes from you directly from your website, and you can respond to those requests with detailed and accurate quotes. Our business solution allows you to request deposits and digital signatures as part of your quotes. Then convert those quotes into invoices as you complete work, track invoices in real time, and collate invoices for transfer to MYOB or XERO. The best part is that PaintAccess x BorisDoes websites are search engine optimised (SEO), which means when potential customers search for the services you provide in your local area, yours will be one of the first websites they see in search results. That means more traffic to your website, more leads, and more customers. 

  1. Social media video content for tradies

We work with you to understand your unique value proposition, coordinate video production, and manage publication of your video content on YouTube, Instagram and your company’s website so that your customers and potential customers see it at its most impactful. Our process is simple - we’ll visit you on site, film your team doing what they do best and then we’ll manage editing and production to ensure high-quality content. Then you’ll get copies that you can use in a range of different places. We believe that every project is unique and requires a tailored approach. That's why we work closely with you to understand your goals and objectives, and develop creative video content that aligns with your brand identity and message. Our team of professionals will take care of every aspect of the production process, from pre-production and filming to post-production and final delivery.

  1. Targeted Google and Facebook ads for tradies

We can develop and implement Google and Facebook ad campaigns designed to target the demographics you know suit your business. Target specific areas or specific age groups, and drive brand awareness among potential customers. The best part about targeted Google and Facebook ads is that they allow you to integrate your new website with existing and new social media engagement efforts. That means you can engage with your audience, and have that engagement reinforced with targeted ads, driving brand awareness and keeping your business front-of-mind for potential customers. Targeted Google and Facebook ads remain a cheaper and more effective option when compared to traditional print or media advertising and we’re ready to help you get the most out of your campaign. 

Have any questions? Book a free call with our marketing specialist…

The best part about the PaintAccess x BorisDoes team-up is that we have dedicated marketing specialists ready to discuss your business and the ways our marketing and business management tools can help you. 

Book in for a free and obligation-free chat about the best way to grow your business using online and social media tools. We’ll walk you through the best way to use your existing branding and market share to grow your customer base, engage with prospective customers, and increase your profits. 

We’re committed to helping small businesses grow and we’re confident we have the tools and expertise required to help you make that happen. So contact us today and book in for a free call. You won’t regret it. 

Frequently asked questions

How do tradies advertise?

Usually tradies list their services in the Yellow Pages (now an online service), on Gumtree, on Facebook or on their own website, and then they advertise that website as part of their business branding. PaintAccess x BorisDoes gives you a whole new suite of tools to use to promote your tradie business, while still providing an effective trades marketplace at BorisDoes and great value paint and paint accessories at PaintAccess. 

Why is it important to work on your online presence?

Traditional word of mouth is great, but modern customers use modern tools to find trades businesses these days. That means having a strong online presence and clear processes that allow customers to find the services you provide, request quotes, and confirm the work they need done. Driving visitors and traffic from your social media accounts means you’ll be able to develop warm leads - customers who are actively looking for the services you provide. 

How do I manage client relationships with PaintAccess x BorisDoes?

The PaintAccess x BorisDoes business solution includes full customer relationship management (CRM) functionality, with the ability for you to manage leads, engage with potential clients, respond to specific needs, and contact previous clients to promote new services. You can also use the chat feature on your own website to answer questions, track quotes and invoices, request information from customers, and manage scheduling. Everything you need to manage interaction with customers.